Thursday, December 24

Very Quick Update

cy is 28lbs and 71.5cm tall

ter is 10.6lbs and 56cm tall!

big boys

mama is working out and shrinking!

merry x-mas to all!

Thursday, November 26

Too Busy to Blog!

Just letting all you readers know that I am having great difficulty finding time or energy to blog.

Last friday Baby had an appointment he now weighs 8.8 lbs. He was 7.13lbs at birth so he is reall gaining well. Baby has been a bit fussy in the night for the past few days but last night was good and I almost feel well rested.

This morning Cy, Teris, and I went to play group. I love playgroup. I get free coffee, and the kids get a chance to play with kids their own age. There are a ton of toys and stories and songs, also there are crafts sometimes too! So much fun every thursday morning! The best advice I can give to any mom is to find a play group in your area! They will keep you sane.

Over and out! The springsteads

Thursday, November 19


Argentine policewoman breastfeeds abandoned baby

Buenos Aires, March 10 (EFE) An Argentine policewoman breastfed a shivering newborn she found abandoned in a field in Mendoza province, a media report said.“It was pure instinct, something I did without thinking. I asked if she was alive and wanted to do my little bit to help,” said Alejandra Farias, 22.
The newborn had her umbilical cord and showed signs of hypothermia. She had been abandoned on a plot of land near the site of Argentina’s National Wine Harvest Festival.

“I have a five-month-old daughter called Mayra. The fact is I don’t understand who could think of leaving a baby out in the cold. If we hadn’t found her, she couldn’t have survived because half an hour later it started to rain. When I got home and saw my baby girl, the tears started running down my face,” Farias said.
A group of people had alerted the police that a baby girl had been found and was crying on a field next to the auditorium where the wine-harvest festival in Mendoza, the centre of Argentina’s wine industry, was being held.
“I asked for an ambulance to go to the Children’s Hospital but we decided to take a taxi because the area was completely jammed after the event. That was when the policewoman offered to breastfeed the baby. She risked a lot because we had no idea about the baby’s state of health,” police officer Luis Vairus told the daily Critica.
The cop said that the infant was in good health and weighed 2.6 kg and that the doctors named her Candela, “queen of the wine harvest”.
“I never experienced a situation so critical, only recently have I started learning about life on the streets. I want to visit her with my daughter and take her some baby clothes. I’m going to keep in touch so I know what’s happening in her life,” Farias said.Read more:

Saturday, November 7

Terris Devon M. Springstead

Terris arrived at about 8:30am Nov2, 2009 via c-section!

He was 7 lbs 13 oz! 51 cm long.

All went well and now we are all at home and settling in well. The second baby is definately easier becuase I am not so worried about everything!

I LOVE my house of boys!

Friday, October 30


My sister just sent me this photo of Cas in her sheep costume sam made her, how cute does she look?

This is why sam's house looks like a sheep was killed there with little bits of white everywhere.

This year I was unable to make cy a costume but we found a super cute purple dragon one, I will be posting pics later.

Happy Devil's Day to All!


Thursday, October 29

Pregnant/Cold/2yr Old

I now have a cold so sleeping is entirely out, Cy has been really good, he seems to be very content to just hang out with Mama when I am doing nothing more then lying on the couch.

I can't wait until the c-section because then I will be able to take cold medicine, this is a bad cold, probably the worst that I have had in a long time.

Everybody should use hand sanitizer like it's going out of style!

Tuesday, October 27

False Labour Sucks!

Last night I was sure that I was in labour. All the signs were there, very regular contractions that not only were noticable but they were painful, I was actually leaning over the sink when they came cause they were so intense. Also the pain raidiated into my back. These are sure signs of labour. All of this from 3:30pm ish until 9:30ish when Q asked how I was and I grundgenly answered fine! They just seem to taper off when I am not paying attention. This has been the third time this month that I was sure it was labour.

The first time around my water broke at home so it was very ovious that it was labour, I wish mine would break again so then I would know without a doubt!

Tuesday, October 20

Nov 2!

Nov 2nd is the offical birthday to be for my baby to be. We have to be at the hospital at 6am! You would think that they would give new mother's to be the chance to sleep a little that last night before they never sleep again for about 18ish years. Oh well, baby should be out by 7:30am and then I will be able to pee on my own schedule not on a kick schedule!

It's really weird knowing when you are going to meet your new baby. I could argue that I knew when Cy was comming because he came on his due date but that is just a fluke of nature. A fluke similar to my mother having natural triplets 28 years ago! We have a very large family, plus another sister 2 years older then the triplets!

Q and I may have a huge family as well, who knows. First though I will see how hard having 2 is. I am a little worried about having enough energy for both of my babies plus a little left over for husband at the end of the day. I guess it will all work out but it's really hard to picture right now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 18

Baby to be update

I went into the doctor's last thursday but someone else was in labour (lucky) so I had to reschedule my appt for friday.

On friday we scheduled the c-section for Oct 30 or Nov 2, the hospital has to call me to confirm, it depends on how many other ladies are having babies at the same time.

Q wants the 2nd because it turns out Oct 30 is considered Devil's Night. I looked it up to find this:

Devil's Night is a name associated with October 30, the night before Halloween. It is related to "mischief night" practiced in other parts of the United States and the world.

Devil's Night in Detroit dates as early as the 1930s. Traditionally, youths in Detroit engaged in a night of criminal behavior, which usually consisted of acts of vandalism (such as egging, soaping, or TP'ing). These were almost exclusively acts of petty vandalism, causing little to no property damage.
However, in the early 1970s the vandalism escalated to more devastating acts, such as
arson. This primarily took place in the city, but surrounding suburbs were often affected. Property owners unable to sell in the rapidly declining housing market would use this night as an opportunity to burn down their homes, collect the insurance money, and claim that an arsonist was at fault.
The crimes became more destructive in Detroit's inner-city neighborhoods, and included hundreds of acts of arson and vandalism every year. The destruction reached a peak in the mid- to late-1980s, with more than 800 fires set in 1984, and 500 to 800 fires in the three days and nights before Halloween in a typical year. (

I had no idea about this, Q said that he celebrated it when he was a kid in Ontario. The vandel!

That's all the news as of right now, my camera is at the camera doc's so it may be a bit before new pics!

Thursday, October 15

Cy's 2nd Birthday

We had Cy's b day on the 10th of Oct because it was a saturday. Everyone came, even Auntie Lauren because she was in for a few days.

We made taco's and Kate made a cake. Q decorated it, it looked great and tasted great. Cy loved all his presents and his balloons. They are his obsession. Here are a few pics, Uncle Devon took more so I need to remember to ask him to send me some.

Also Devon just had shoulder surgery, it went well and I hope he feels better soon!

Thursday, October 8

Ontario Holiday

On sunday night we came home. It was only 5 days in Ontario but they were very busy fun filled days.

Day -1:
Fly out of calgary arrive in hamilton @ 12:00am ish
Go to grandparents house

The plane ride was good. For anyone trying to fly with an almost 2 yr old and a very pregnant belly, make sure your husband is with you. Cy did good though just a bit wiggly which is to be expected. Q was a bit wiggly too! Ha ha.

Day 1:

Q and grandad installed trim in the grandparents living room. They got it all put up in 1 day with just patching nail holes to do later. Grandma and I and Cy went to walmart for food and any other extras we needed. Cy was overtired from not sleeping on the plane, he was sick everywhere in walmart! Then he pointed out that he had made a hugh mess! " i made a big mess mom" so cute!

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out at the grandparents house watching the boys work. Later that night the boys went go carting as the groom party. Groom was Q's bro. Grandmas and I met up with Q's sister and her 3 kids to go to a indoor playroom where you just sit and watch the kids play while you drink your coffee! It was great, Cy's cousins Ethan (7) and Emma (9) took Cy under their wings and all I had to do was relax and talk to Danielle , Marijanne, and Sarah (15). When did the kids get that old? We all went out for wendy's where Cy ate his whole dinner (very rare). Then home to bed.


Wedding rehersal day. I think we just hung out until 6ish where everyone got together for the wedding rehersal. The wedding was held in a Heritage Village. It was so neat, all the old buildings and a old train too! Nice weather for the rehersal. Cy slept right through the whole thing. In fact he also slept right through dinner when we all went out to this huge chinese buffet place. There were probably 14 of us, I think. Q, Me, Cy, Grandad, Grandma, Mike, Kate, Joe, Aunt Shirley, The photogropher and his wife and son, Matt, I think that's it. Cy slept from about 5pm until 7 am the next morning. What travelling will do to a little guy.

Day3... I will write more later, I am tired of writing.

On another quick note Cy did his very first poo in the potty on his 2nd birthday which was this past monday Oct 5! I was so proud of him that I almost took a picture. Don't worry I thought better of it, and just flushed the prized poo!

It seems with kids that you try to teach them something and one day it just clicks for them. The poo, (he did one yesterday too!) also with going down the stairs backwards so mama doesn't have a heart attack. He rocked the stairs at his grandparents house!

Cy is have his b-day party on sat! It will be so fun, I am going to make taco's and cake. I love that he is two! My sister asked me that other day If I totally can't believe that he's two. But for me it seems just right that he is. It's not like it was a shock when his b-day came.

Monday, September 28

Grotto Walk

Last friday Cy and I went for a walk around Grotto Pond. It was early and so still chilly. The light was perfect for pictures. Here are a few.

The belly

Cy & Mama

Just walking (my favorite)

Boardwalk Stck toss

Bigfoot is sighted!

Thursday, September 24

Four Quarter Reunion Photos


Cy on the way home
cy with truck

Shannon & one of the twins & Cy

Sam & Another twin & Cy

New Pics and Birthday

Super Cassie

Visiting Daddy at work
Belly @ 33 weeks

Circus (a while ago)

Q's Bday was yesterday. If any of you are wondering how old my old man is well he turned 37. I have to say he is the best looking 37 yr old that I know. His running has really given him his 6 pack back. Shhhh don't tell him, he will get embarassed!

We had family over and Q cooked steaks on the fire. I made potatoes and cake. It was a nice layed back b-day. I bought Q the Knight Rider Series collection so that is all that he wants to watch lately. Classic 70-80's t.v shows!

Saturday, September 19

5 weeks and counting!

The count down started a while ago, this pregnancy seems to be taking forever! I am getting really tired but okay still. Today siatic back pain that travels all down my leg started. I had this last time too but not so much since I took off work 2 months before Cy came. This time I am planning to work until I pop this kid out. Just for the maternity leave. I am now thinking that I will take the last sunday off before the end of Oct so we can all go to the zoo, or spend the day as a family of three before we are 4.

Pics comming soon Q is picking up a new SD card reader! Yay!

Tuesday, September 15


Q finished his 10k in 47:51 min! Great timing. He was aiming for under 45 but his back seized up at the start slowing him down. A good run overall he said. I am so proud of him. I am going to look up more runs that he (and I later) can compete in.

Cy's molars are comming in so he does not nap at all any more. Add this to mama's pregnancy insomnia and cy's night wakings makes for a very tired mama! Today I am on the couch knitting while baby digs in his toy bin, bringing me toys he finds! I figure it's easier then pushing myself to do more and collapsing later.

I cannot wait until I have the baby and can sleep again if less, and start to get my energy back!

Sunday, September 13

Q's Run

I just got in at work after seeing Q off at his 10k. This is the Cause Canada Race we do every year cause the first one we did was on our anniversary. This is the first 10k for Q. I wish him luck and a good run. The weather is great for running, a little cool but with the promise of sun and warm later on. I wish I could run too ut being 8 months pregnant would make me take forever to finish if that would even be possible. So I am waiting here at work for when he comes by later to tell me how he did and to give him his congragulatory kiss. (I did not spell that right)
His goal is 45 min. I think he can definately do it in that time or less, he is a very fast runner. 6 foot 3 gives him very long legs. GO Q GO!

Saturday, September 12

Stop Work

After my trip to the hospital with Braxton Hicks I am wondering if I should stop work early. I was initially planning to work (just weekends) until the last week of Oct. Pretty much right before we have the baby, but now with Braxton-Hicks almost every night and when I walk around too much at work, I am wondering if I should stop. Gone are the days of my first pregnancy where I could just lay on the couch all day and sleep when I needed to. See my blog entry from yesterday to see what I have to do to get some napping in...

I would like to say that if I quit early I could get so much done. Like dishes, organizing and possibly painting the kids room. The truth is that most days I am lucky if I can get the dishes into the dishwasher and make some dinner. Usually after 4 pm I can only sit on the couch with no energy left. Yay Cy is really good at playing with himself and just hanging out. At this rate I don't know if we will have any more kids. The pregnancy's are too tiring with beans running around. Possibly I can convince hubby to hire me a nanny only for the last trimester of my pregnancies?

Friday, September 11

Desperate Times call for Desperate measures

For the last 2 days Cy has not napped for longer then 30 minutes. Also he has woken up at night for an average of 4 times a night for the past week. So today when he woke up from napping for half and hour I crawled my 7.5 month pregnant self into his crib and napped with him!
I was almost unable to get out of the crib after!

On another note Q and I went out for our anniversary last night. Auntie Kate came to baby sit. We went to Tony Roma's and then to a movie. But first we visited the location of our wedding 4 years before. I was great, a really nice night to hang out and relax. I look foreward to the next 60 years with my hubby! I love you infinity Q.

Thursday, September 10

Dogs anyone?

We have two dogs and some days I think that letting them run away would be easier then putting up with them.

Today Cy and I went for a walk and then to the park. The dogs came with us and the whole time we were at the park they barked like there was a bear in the area. Our one dog Taffy has seperation anxiety so she always thinks that she is getting left behind or forgotten. Koeywon is 9 now so going blind and dumb, he joins in the barking cause that seems like the cool thing to do. Oh some days would be easier without dogs but then we would miss thema and all their crazy ways.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, September 9

False Labour

On sunday afternoon I started having contractions at work at 4:30pm. These were relatively mild to me considering the last time I went into labour my water broke and then my contractions were fast and hard. I never had mild contractions or a gradual build up.

I figured that I would just finish work and go home and relax. I am only 31 weeks along. I called my sister to get her opinion on mild contractions. She went into early labour with very mild contractions with her daughter. She told me to the hospital. So after much debate with the hubby and we also finished cooking dinner. We went.

It turned out to be only braxton Hicks. But it was really cool to watch the heart rate on the monitor.

All in All a pretty eventful night. Unfortunatly Q and I are both ready for the baby......still have to wait another 7 weeks. :(

Wednesday, September 2

So Tired!

Now I know why there are many people who have only had 2 kids. The exhastion that hits you in the third trimester has just hit me! It is such an affort to do anything other then sit on the couch and knit. I fell asleep on hubby last night while watching a movie, and gave him so drool too! Luckly he doesn't mind!

I wonder if anyone else has the exhastion like this?

Sunday, August 23


Our son is 22 months old. Today daddy and Cy came to visit me at work (in a baby store). We have a whole rack of rainboots. Cy loves these. He picked out a blue pair and proceded to pull a ball out of each one! His toy balls! He must have put them in the boots last week. I only work weekends. He remembered which boots had his balls and that he put them in there at all! Crazy!

Thursday, August 13

The truth comes out

I have been eating clean for the past 3 weeks now. Except this past week I have fallen off the wagon. I can't remember why I fell off, what was the catalist? Anyway with this pregnancy, I am 7 months along tomorrow!, I have been full of energy. My last pregnancy our couch had a perma print of my ass in it for the last 4 months or so of the pregnancy.

This last week my stomache has been sore, I am exhasted, I have headaches. It suddenly dawned on me. I have felt like crap ever since I stopped eating clean. Man if only I knew this years ago. My body hates junk food! I have eaten junk, lots of it, (i have a huge sugar tooth) for the past 26 years and have been feeling crappy. Always on and off I have felt crappy, more then the average bear. All I had to do was eat clean?

I am not going to fall off the wagon again! It's no fun feeling like crap with no energy and no patience for anyone!.

As I sit here I am eating a salad wrap, just salad in an organic wrap, already I feel better.

Everyone should try this way of eating!

Monday, August 10

Aug 10, 2009

The belly is getting bigger. Due to the "eating clean" lifestyle that I have reciently adopted the belly is still very managable. Also my ass has not grown it's usual 3 sizes. I can almost envision my body post pregnancy. At this point last time in the pregnancy I was huge and very tired, I had horrible swelling and the pregnancy rash. I cannot remember the medical term, all I remember is that I felt like I had poison ivy all over my belly and legs. So far so good this time, but I cannot remember when the rash started last time so I may still get it.

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking of what you would like to behave like in a situation but the reality is so far from what you envishioned? I would like to be a more "granola" mother, letting things go that just do not matter, being calm more, mellow and generally "go with the flow". Usually I find myself stressed and yelling. I wish I could be more layed back. I know that compared to alot of people I am really ladi back already, but I am just not where I want to be.

My goal is to get closer to the vision, I am not sure how I will do this...I am going to research it!

Monday, July 27

New Stuff

Yesterday hubby and Cy went to Calgary to find flooring. We found click flooring in dark wood for 30% off plus we do not have to pay for a year! We have enough to do the livingroom and the two bedrooms. I am so excited! Thoes were the last rooms that needed flooring from the origional gutting of the house we did when we bought it.

Picture this:dark wood, green fuzzy rug, tree painted on the's room! It's going to look awsome! I am so excited to finally really decorate Cy's room, soon to be shared with the new addition in Nov. Can you tell that I am nesting? All I wanted to do today is stay home from work and organize the house.

Cy is almost 22 months, where did the time go? I am trying to teach him to say 22 months if he is asked how old he is. Almost there! Today and tomorrow are my last work days during the week....I cannot wait, I really miss being home with him all day. Plus I want to have some more time with him before the new baby. It will never be just Cy and Mama after Nov, I am not really sure how I feel about this. Don't get me wrong I am SO excited for the new baby, but it will be such a change in what we have will be fine I know but I cannot help but can I love another as much? Will Cy feel left out? Time will tell and consiously thinking about Cy time as well.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, July 25

Day 5 eating clean!

Today is my day firve of eating clean and it's going great! I already ate pretty healthy already but I definately had trouble getting enough veggies and eating too much junk food!

The only chemical food I have was a sip of Q's pop last night....woe is me! I got a headache almost immediately. Since I always seemed to have headaches and migraines I am not surprise to find that my diet had something to do with it.

Does anyone else seem to have trouble eating enough foods? I eat a ton or so I think, being pregnant I need about 2000cal/day. It seems that I get to the end of my day and I am usually short. Love that rye bread and pb after dinner!

Monday, July 20

Auntie Sheron

Today was the first day that Cy went to Auntie Sheron's house while I work. I am very excited that he will go there 2 days, and I will have him the rest of the week. The last two weeks I have been at home, I realized how much I miss being at home with my bean. Also how much cleaner our house is, better our dinners are, ect. I miss being at home!

I only have to work until Oct then I will have enough hours for maternity leave when the new baby comes near the end of October. Two will be so much fun!

Cy didn't mind going to Sheron's at all, I was not worried that he would be upset, he is so easy going. Plus Sheron is a mother and grandmother so she is perfect for the job!

Friday, July 17

Sleepy head

Lately Cy has finally gotten into a great bed routine, bath, book, teeth, then bed. The best part is that he lasy down, puts his water aside, and pulls up the blanket, we say goodnight and usually within 10 minutes bean has put himself to sleep! Nothing reduces stress more then knowing that baby bedtime is no longer a fight!

Today we went to the quarry with Auntie S, and Auntie A (once removed?) and Uncle M and cousin C. 18 months old. Bean only dipped his ankles and Cassie went right in! Brave girl...very cold! A great day, I love summer!

Friday, July 3


Cy has been all about playing outside. I am finding it hard to go for walks with him because he does not stay close to me or listen when I call him back. An almost 2yr old. Anyone have any ideas of how to make this a little easier. It kind of reminds me of training my dogs to come back...but they want to please me more then my baby does. Hmmmm possibly if I walked with cookies, like I used to with the dogs.

Last day today at Donna's house. Our babysitter. I am really looking foreward to being home more with baby. I really miss him. The longest days are my 10-7pm shift. I get home and have about 1 hr before I have to get baby to bed. Never enough time.

Our garden is taking off! The potatoes are huge! Everything else is comming along too. I can't wait until we can start harvesting. I always had a fear of nothing growing after all our hard work. Q always thought...why wouldn't it grow? He is so trusting. Plus he used a ton of manuer.

Wednesday, June 24

Big Boy

Today Cy was very grumpy when he woke up so I put him in bed with daddy, who was still snoozing. He slept for another 30 minutes, which was great, I was able to drink coffee without a baby movie on in the background.

Then I heard a bump and Cy came down the hall all by himself without crying or wining to see mama goodmorning. What a big boy, I wish I could keep him small forever.

Tuesday, June 16


Yesterday hubby, baby and I went to the hospital for my ultrasound of the new baby. Who I could have sworn was more then 1. But there is only 1. It's going to be 1 big baby I think. Not sure if it is a boy or a girl.

We could see the whole baby. The hand with the tiny fingers spread, the spine, it looks like we could have the baby tomorrow and it would be ready, just small. It seems so soon yet still 5 months away. So long to wait!

At least then we will have time to get the house organized. Last sunday the Parents in law left so now the house is ours again. Company is fun but it's so nice to get our house back!

Friday, June 12

19 weeks

Now today at 19 weeks I continue to grow at a very speedy rate. Lots of kicking and lots of the dreaded morning sickness.. Also at this point the fatigue of late pregnancy has started to kick in.

The two migraines I have had in the last week have done nothing to help. Now, just an hour after a migraine aura I feel all fuzzy headed, almost like this day is actually a dream. Anyone else experienced these weird feeling following a migraine?

Monday, June 1

17 weeks!

Last friday I started my 17th week. Interesting, I look about 5 1/2 months pregnant. Can you say twins? We do not know yet, but I cannot wait until June 15th for the ultrasound.

What the books say about the second pregnancy is so true. You will not think about it 24/7 like you did the first time. You will forget sometimes that you are. You will worry about how your first baby will take to the second, plus how will you share all your love? Is it even possible? We shall find out. My mom (mother of five) says that the more babies you have, the more love you have.

Wholly did I ever had postpartum last time. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone cause I am hoping to skip that whole chapter!

Pray that I do!

Wednesday, May 20


My cousin and his wife just had twin boys to add to their brood of 1 very cute Gracie. So beautiful.

This gets me thinking that I may be having more then 1. I feel really big and not yet at the 4 month mark. So far though this pregnancy has been better. I started the morning sickness pills right when I found out that I was pregnant. I also have alot more energy but that could definately change. We shall see.

Thursday, May 14

Your Drive to Work...

Yesterday drivig to and from work I saw, 1 bluebird, 2 loons, and 1 red winged blackbird, as well as countless mountain sheep. This morning I saw 1 ausprey carring a branch. What do you see on your way to work? It kind of helps that I live deep in the Canadian Rockies.

I am trying to go deeper, I want to move to Rossland, BC. Anyone been there? Live there? Like it?

Wednesday, May 13


The tulips are reaching for the sky, but they have yet to open. Possibly because of the hail storm we had late afternoon yesterday. Luckely though, there is no snow left on the lawn. Driving to Canmore this morning, there is now everywhere, not alot but enough to stick to the lawns and make a chill in the air.

In the garden everything that I planted last year is comming back. With the exception of the fern. We took too long getting it into the ground and it never really had a chance. Better luck next time. Q planted flowers in the window box, garden, and pots for mother's day. They look great, all purple and blooming. They also survived the hail storm.

Last night we travelled to Calgary for a combination of the sibling birthdays (4) and mother's day. We all went to G.G's house. Despite what mom says about it being a hole, it is a really cute bachelor, with nice tile floor and a clawfoot tub. We had pizza and pie and cupcakes yummy a great visit all around.

Next big event is the inlaws May 23rd. I just have to clean the house and get somewhat organized. I just found out that I get that weekend and the next off yay! Here we come camping. I just have to work this weekend, a whole work week woe is me...Tee Hee

Thursday, May 7


Last night we all went to the Shrine Circus. I have never been to a circus before, and neither had my DH! It was awsome! They had acrobats and preforming poodles. Also there were elephants. Cy choose a lion baloon to take home. I will post some pic later, they are on DH phone.

I will be blogging here more often due to me working with high speed internet. Yay! Not like at home with my ancient dial up.

Very slow here at work I started at 10am and only 4 people have come in with no purchases! I forgot how much I hate retail. At least I only have to do this until October when I pop with the new baby! WISH mE lUCK!

Wednesday, May 6

Baby Withdrawl

I am at work and I have total baby withdrawl! The first week was okay but now into my third week it is getting harder and harder to leave my little man at home!

I am currently investigating ways to make enough money at home so I can stay there but make a little money too!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, April 24

New Job

I am now a working mama. Luckly my good friend that lives just up the street from us has agreed to take my little man during the day. She also has a son and they get along just great, Yay!

I started my job last tuesday and I am liking it, just basic retail, in a baby store....what could be more perfect!

Little man said his first sentence last week "get the ball", not good with grammer but who cares at 18 months? Not me!

I can't wait until REAL spring comes, sometime in May I hope.

Happy Weekend to all!

Wednesday, April 8

New Baby!

Long time since a blog. Sorry lots going on here.

First thing is that I am pregnant and expecting early November. We are all very excited for our new addition. Cy is learning that there is a baby in mama's belly!

I am currently looking for a job and today I got a bite, it looks good, so wish me luck.

Plus we bought a new washer and dryer that I love!

Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, March 18


Up until this very month Cy has not had a blankie that he favoured over any of the others. Now he keeps his blue and white croched blankie with him in bed all the time. This afternoon I put him to bed with his beige blanket and about 30 min later when I went into check on him this is what I found.

Very cute, very bundled! And still able to breath under all that, who knew?

Monday, March 9


Yesterday Daddy, Babe, Aunti Sam, Cousin Cassie and Auntie Laura, Katie, and I all went to the zoo. At the zoo in the -20 celcius weather, it was great, no crowds! We all went to see the Koalas that are at the Calgary zoo for a limited time. I am not sure how long they are there. Here are some pics from our journey.