Friday, November 28


I need to work because things are pretty tight around here. I do a bit of workon the side but it's not enough.
I am thinking about becomming a personal trainer and eventually a yoga instructor, nutrition consultant.

I just need to save some money for it...ha ha ha.

I will keep you posted on statis.

Sunday, November 16


I have not written for a while because alot of things have been happening around here.

Last Friday morning at 2 am I woke up with stomache pains so bad that I thought that I was either dying or having another baby, and I am not even pregnant!

We (well hubby) packed up baby and called my mom and we all headed to the hospital.

My gallbladder had stones and was very badly infected! Talk about surprising! The 3 factors for gallstones are : fat, fifty, and female. The doc said that being pregnant and having the baby squish the gallbladder can also cause stones later on.

So no food and lots of morpfine and antibiotics later they planned to operate in a few days if the gallbladder settled down.

On sat (still in hospital) I became jaundiced, which means a stone is stuck in my intestine. I was sent to calgary in an ambulance where they knocked me out, put a camera down my throat and cut a hole to let the stone pass.

Back to canmore. on Monday they operated and by tuesday I was home, (at my mom's house) cause I cannot do any lifting or anything for 2 weeks! So mom is helping with baby. I love u mom!

That has been my exciting week!

Baby says yellow, no ,geegee(granny), truck, eh is walking everyhwere, and he learned how to blow!