Saturday, September 24


Ah the joys of moving. No matter how organized you try to be or how far in advance you are aware of your impeding move, there are still piles of stuff in your livingroom.

We are moving on Friday... I have day home kids all week except friday (thank goodness)

How many toys can I get rid of before the kids start to complain? Does anyone else have kids that have way too many toys... but when observed only play with about 5?

Here is our list:

Legos (mega blocks mostly)
Train set
Soft Balls
Tinker Toys

a few extras would be: shopping cart, transformer toy, crafts, any kitchen stuff

That's all they usually use... the rest get dumped out on the way to these coveted toys. I am really enjoying the purge! If only my hubby would let me go after all his tools and car stuff...

Thursday, September 22

Peanut Butter Balls

Oh how I love you! :)

Hospital here we come!

Last night right before dinner Cy was running down the hallway and slipped. He hit his head on the bathroom door... gushing blood and tears later we were off to the hospital.

Luckily the video games at the hospital were working (they were not last time). After 5 hours of waiting we saw the doc for about 5 min so he could skin glue Cy's boo boo together.

I have decided that I am going to buy my own skin glue. And maybe take a course in stitching wounds. I do have boys you know... and this is our second time for a small boo boo that looks like it needs stitches but skin glue will do. Much better for the 3 year old boy too!

Cy is doing better, but he was sick a few times last night and this morning. Could be exhaustion or could be the McD's we had at 12:30 am on the way home cause we all missed dinner....

Last night after Cy was sick I decided to sleep on his floor so I could be close if he needs me. I was almost asleep when.... he laughed in his sleep! The cutest thing ever... I wonder what he was dreaming of...

Tuesday, September 20

Workout 1

Wicked Things workout: 19:26 min 1 round!

Chapter 1- financial accounting 101 DONE!

Ter said "I'm putting my balls in my cart" he is 22 months old!

Sunday, September 18

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park was our first official hike as a family! We took the kids last weekend with a packed lunch and the Ergo.

We first ate lunch by the little waterfall at the start with a bunch of other families. This little hike is great for kids so it's no wonder why it was so busy with little people. Only 25 min outside of Calgary we had a great time without going too far. Since we went Cy has been asking to go hiking again! I can't wait until we move (in 2 weeks) so we are back in the mountains and ready to hike.