Wednesday, December 31


Is this my baby's future? A gift from a friend working on her PhD.
Happy New Years Everyone! Thanks for reading my blog this year
New things to come.......

Monday, December 29


The Whole Family left 2 right (granny, cy, mike,laura, sam, grampa(santa), kate, q, me, kim, cassie, devon)
Cy was unsure of Santa
On the way me, deidre, cy, matt, q

I hope the Christmas season has found everyone happy and healthy.


Monday, December 22

Up Late...

It's 12:46 am and I am unable to sleep. Hubby let me sleep in today which was so great but 2 extra hours of sleep have to be taken from somewhere.

Lately I have been feeling a bit bored. Plus with the money issue being tight this has led me to the job market. Unfortunately in the winter our small town really has a lack of jobs, usually due to the slow down of tourists. This year with the economy being also down there are even fewer jobs leaving me with bare pickings. Luckely hubby is employed with a company that has jobs lined up for at least 2 years right now. We are very fortunate. I feel for my bro in this aspect.

Even though hubby has a great job, movey is still tight causing my hubby to be stressed. This is the number 1 reason that I am looking for a job.

If any of you local readers have any beads on work please keep me informed, thanks!

Merry Christmas to all.....very soon!
P.s baby has a cold and a new molar.....bummer

Friday, December 19

My babies are home!

Last thursday my babies came home from 1.5 days in Ontari without me! It was way too hard, like homesickness when you are at home just your family is away.
Baby went right back on the boob which I am really excited about cause I want to nurse him until about 2ish, we shall see when we get there.

Yesterday at playgroup for the first time baby noticed the painting easel. He painted his very first masterpiece! Plus a bit of a masterpiece on his clothes too! I will post a pic of the art soon keep looking.

Tonight hubby's bro and his new fiance are comming out tonight for christmas, I can't wait. It will be a ton of fun. I am cleaning the house so it looks great.

Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 10

Missing my babies

Hubby and baby are in ontario,and i am here! i miss my babies this------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------much (plus infinity).

I can't wait until thursday!

I am going to clean the house!!!!woohoo

Monday, December 8

I love Baby Einstein

Today I am having a very rough day (P.M.S), which is made worse by the fact that I thought 5 days late=baby. Soooo wrong=grumpy!

Baby is also having a rough day (not sleeping) possibilities: teeth, overtired, sences my mood...who knows.

Baby einstein to the rescue, baby watching his favorite baby neptune, all about water. Mama gets a breaks here with coffee.

We have had a ton of snow lately...Yay!

Friday, November 28


I need to work because things are pretty tight around here. I do a bit of workon the side but it's not enough.
I am thinking about becomming a personal trainer and eventually a yoga instructor, nutrition consultant.

I just need to save some money for it...ha ha ha.

I will keep you posted on statis.

Sunday, November 16


I have not written for a while because alot of things have been happening around here.

Last Friday morning at 2 am I woke up with stomache pains so bad that I thought that I was either dying or having another baby, and I am not even pregnant!

We (well hubby) packed up baby and called my mom and we all headed to the hospital.

My gallbladder had stones and was very badly infected! Talk about surprising! The 3 factors for gallstones are : fat, fifty, and female. The doc said that being pregnant and having the baby squish the gallbladder can also cause stones later on.

So no food and lots of morpfine and antibiotics later they planned to operate in a few days if the gallbladder settled down.

On sat (still in hospital) I became jaundiced, which means a stone is stuck in my intestine. I was sent to calgary in an ambulance where they knocked me out, put a camera down my throat and cut a hole to let the stone pass.

Back to canmore. on Monday they operated and by tuesday I was home, (at my mom's house) cause I cannot do any lifting or anything for 2 weeks! So mom is helping with baby. I love u mom!

That has been my exciting week!

Baby says yellow, no ,geegee(granny), truck, eh is walking everyhwere, and he learned how to blow!

Monday, October 27

Craft Sale!

This past saturday my mother and I shared a table at the Exshaw Christmas Craft Sale. It was good. Not very busy but enough for me to make $15 dollars after the $20 table fee! I even sold some earrings. (which is about time). The most popular tems were the baby stuffed softies that I had made. There a a few on my etsy site if you are interested.
Last night baby came down with a cold so nobody got any sleep last night. :(. Now he is finally sleeping! Took a while and a walk but yay hopefully he feels better when he wakes up!

Here are some photos of what we have been doing lately. Oh and he says: balloon, shoe, cracker and duck!
P.s this is our indoor tomato garden about 6 tomatoes to date and a few on the way!

Friday, October 24

Back Spasms!

Up very early this morning at evil 6 am with back spasms that would not stop. Upon taking some advil my stomache decided that it will be sensitive and there the advil went down the porcelin god. Bugger!

Now it's about 11:45am and I was able to take some tylenol at 9 so I feel okay. But still very sore and very frustrated. This is the 10th time or so that my sleep has been interupted by the evil back spasm. At least once a week for the past few months. :(

On a high note the Christmas craft sale is tomorrow so today I am getting everything ready to go and making a few last minute items! Yay!

Sunday, October 12


Currently baby and I have a brutal cold. This cold makes baby wine and make very desperate sounds all the time. Not to mention that sleeping well is evading both of us due to congestion and generally feeling awful. Colds suck!

Last night hubby and I decided to go see a movie. We watched Eagel Eye, I reccomend this movie to anyone that is interested in a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole 2 hrs! Great actors that played their parts perfectly. A great movie to blow your very tight budget on!

When we arrived home a shooting star shot across the sky just over our house! It was awsome, its been so long since either of us has seen a shooting star!

Here are a few pics of baby helping me clean up the garden for winter.

Thursday, October 9

First Steps!

About 30 minutes ago baby took his first steps! 3 steps from Daddy to Mommy! Mommy was so busy celebrating after that I was unable to get a camera ready. Next time, probably tomorrow, he is much too tired tonight to do any more walking!

Best moment of my life to date!

Tuesday, October 7

Fish in the Fall

In the morning of Baby's birthday we went for a walk, there is a beautiful path off one of the roads by our house so we went down it a short ways (meters) because there have been many bears in the area lately. Beautiful pictures but baby slept so he would have lots of energy for his party!
This is what mobiles were designed for right?
This is the beginning of at least a picture a day for the next year of baby's life! Enjoy.

Sunday, October 5

Birthday Boy

Family @ 1 Year
Grampa, Baby and Cousin Cassie
check out cassie's blog

The new truck garage under the t.v
Taffie all partied out!
Auntie Laura and Baby

(More pics soon!)

Baby's birthday was today, my baby is no longer a baby, now he is a toddler.

All my family came to celebrate the birthday of my baby, Granny, Grampa, Auntie Sam, Auntie Laura, Auntie Kate, Auntie Kim, Uncle Devon, Uncle Mike, Bailey, Ben, Donna, Jay, Mark, Marie, Sandie, Mike and baby Ella. What a party!

I made a chocolate cake from a recipe I found on the internet, Best recipe ever for a cke without eggs! It turned out awsome here are some pictures! Baby had a great time with his friends and cousin fighting over toys and chewing and ripping wrapping paper. What could be better?

Baby had way too many toys before his birthday but now he has way too many toys! A few trucks fro ride on and pushing! More bath toys, all construction theme. A few hand knitted sweaters from his Auntie Diedre in Ontario. A great gift certificate from Grandma and Grandad Springstead also in Ontario. Thus will be used to buy clothes since baby oops, toddler is growing like a weed! Thankyou!

A few books. Also Auntie Katie made a scrapbook of babies first year! It is awsome! So many cute pictures, a great idea Kate. This encourages me to get to work on my scrapbook!

Also Uncle Devona and Auntie Kim made a rocking horse out of wood, almost finished but looks great, a hit with all the babies.

Cake covered faces and two sleeping babies ended the party. A great time was had by all, here are a few pictures of the great even.

Thankyou everyone for comming and thankyou to the far away family for sharing in the celebration. We will see you guys soon!

Friday, October 3

The Amazing Baby

Our baby has E.S.P or something similar. He can be completely asleep, mouth hanging open asleep. If you lay him down anywhere other then our bed he wakes up and cries! This does not bode well for getting baby in his own bed! Then when I leave the bed in the morning to have a very grown up coffee, he sleeps like an angel until I wake him up at 8. I think what he is saying is, I love mommy and daddy's bed, more comfortable if I am the only one in it! Hint, Hint!

Monday, September 29

20 minutes!

Today I finished my 17th run, which was 20 minutes straight! I finished and did not feel too bad at all. I had to take a few days off (since thursday) because my knee was acting up but now I am good to go! Woo Hoo.

I only have 3 weeks to finish of my 8 week 5k training plan! I have never made it this far before without quitting. I admit some days it seems easier and preferred to just sit a run out but time and time again I have returned to my training program and finished my scheduled run.

I am so proud of myself.

Also this Sunday, Oct 5, Baby is 1 year old! Big party and baloons and cake! I am really excited. It does still seem that it could not have possibly been that long already, other days it seems that it has been longer. Short days are run days!

Thursday, September 25

Daily Little Things!

Yesterday I finished by 16th run to date. I am almost finished week 5 on my running program plus that race that I did. That reminds me I have to check out the Cause Canada website to see what hubby and my offical race times were. I will let you know later!

My goal is to finish 40 runs by christmas, almost halfway there and doing well so far! Usually I run with the baby stroller and the two dogs. Coordination is key. Much harder then just running alone. But way more fun with the whole famdamly.

Koeywon our bigger dog (newfoundland X lab) broke his toenail down to the quick the other day while running with Daddy so he is off running for a few weeks. Poor guy, you should see his face at the window when we take off without him. :(

Daddy had his 36th birthday on the 23rd of September. My brother took him to the first Flames game of the year, the lucky bugger. Then I made him cupcakes and a little cake which I decorated with a car. Hubby is allergic to eggs so I bake without them but I am not having very good luck keeping the cake from falling apart....if anyone knows of a good egg substatute please let me know!

Wednesday, September 17

Operation-Make Money

Lately life has become more expensive then usual with the gas prices and now that we only have the one income and a bit. By bit I mean less then $500 extra a month.

We have come to the conclusion that a budget is the best way to go. You may be thinking "how did they get this far without one?" We are also unsure on this answer. A quick look at our bank account confirmed the expected-we spend way too much money on food and entertainment. When mom and dad were teaching self restraint I think I was sick that day! Now my brother, there is someone who is amazingly money-wise. I am SO envious!

I need to make more money, hubby told me the other day that he is feling stress about our money situation. He usually gets really grumpy and does not express why, here is why!

There is much I can do I think! I have many outlets to make money at my disposal, the only problem is that with baby I do not want to be away from him very much! I want to be a stay at home mama!

Oh the two hopes shall meet, Grandma has much work for me, I just have to plan to do it. So instead of complaining about our lack of money I am going to work on budget and extra jobs right now! Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 7

5K Finished!

Just a few hours ago hubby and I ran our 3rd Anniversary race. We ran the Cause Canada 5K on our first anniversary in 2006 and today completed our third. Last year I did not participate as I was creating life, and quite weighed down.

The official times have not come in yet but it looks like hubby finished in 27 minutes and I finished in 31 minutes. Much faster then our first year. New this year Baby came along in the jogging stroller! He yelled at any runner's that would not move out of our way! Tee hee!

Thank you to our family who came out to support us and to eat yummy brunch after, Grampa, Grandma, Auntie Sam, Auntie Kate, Auntie Laura, Auntie Kim, and Uncle Devon, and last but not least cousin Cassie! Pics to come soon!

Wednesday, September 3

Grand Opening! 10% OFF

Today I opened my etsy shop.

10% OFF all items until Sept 12! Come check it out.

I make wire wrapped and bead jewlery. In the future I will be making jewlery using found stones and natural objects. Also will be working with fabric handmade stones and many more!

Check often!

Wednesday, August 27


It has been alomost a month since I have written anything in here, and I am sorry to you who read it. This does not mean that this past month of our lives has been slow and boring quite the oposite.

The inlaws were here until Aug 8 for 3 weeks so it was very busy around here. They purchased for us some Sod (thankx gandparents!) so the lawn looks great! Well now that we have a lawn worth talking about.

The tomatoes are growing about the size of cherry tomatoes right now, and we have harvested about 10 more strawberries off the plants. More on their way! Also the potatoes that we planted are showing some promise! Yay! Definately I will plant more vegetables and more varirty next year.

Baby has really started to move and pull up on everything, and every once in a while he tries to let go and continue on, this leads to falls and bumps but he has not let these set him back at all.

Our wedding anniversary is comming up in two weeks to be exact! So that means that next weekend is our anniversary run! I have been training for the past 2 weeks today I completed my 7th run so far, I am very proud of myself.

Our first wedding anniversary I planned to run the Cause Canada 5k in Canmore. I trained, and invited my hubby to join me but he said "I am not a runner". On the day of the run I was all ready to go at the start line when hubby pulled off his t shirt revealing another t-shirt underneath with a race number on it. He decided to join me! He got us roses and we pinned them to our shirts with the race numbers and at the finish line he had got my mom to bring champane and glasses! It was awsome!

Following the tradition last year hubby ran but I was very pregnant so I cheered from the sidelines! Hubby won gold in his age group (old man group if you were wondering)

Ths year our 3rd, we plan to run with baby in the jogging strolled. Wish us luck!

Sunday, July 27

Back Spasms Suck!

I woke up this morning at 7am, today is my sleep in day but i am unable to sleep becaus emy back in in spasms, all down my back an into my ribs. This makes my stomache hurt and feel all gooey. Baby and husband are having a great sleep and I am in pain trying to relax or whatever I am so jelous. On the other hand they look so cute sleeping together all cudly in the bed. I love my boys even through this bugger of a pain.
Hopefully swimming later, last sunday of the month it's free yay!
I am going for a walk, maby that will help.

Thursday, July 24

Snakes, Hikes, and Famous babies!

We went to Calgary to visit Auntie Sam and cousin Cassie two days ago. When we went for a walk we saw a snake! Crawling across the path right in front of the strollers a grey/green 1.5 foot long garder snake. So neat, we have not seen a snake in this area for a few years.

Then yesterday Grandpa, Grandma, and Baby and I went hiking around two jack lake outside of banff! A little rain, a mommy duck and babies and a new baby friend. A really nice relaxing hike all around.

Today Auntie Sam and Cassie came out to go to baby play group with us. It was really fun, lots of songs and other babies. Cyrus has his photo in the newsletter, he is famous! It is the newsletter for the whole bow valley!


Sunday, July 20

Active Day!

A great and very active day was had today. Started out with a hike up Heart Creek trail, then bouldering at the banff center, finishing off with laps and playtime at the pool with baby, daddy, granddad, and grandma (both from ontario). Was a great day!

Short but sweet! (post)

Thursday, July 17

Sh*t Storm!

Lately baby has not been sleeping very well because of his teeth, the forth one just reciently cut through and I bugging baby constantly. Also not sleeping well because in this ninth month of being a mother I have failed to create a schedule.

The last few nights I have started a bedtime routine and a daytime routine that is very flexible because you never know.

Seems to be working okay.

Back to the sh*t storm, the other day when baby had finally fallen asleep after no less then 2 hours of feeding, rocking, and snuggling I went to lay him in his crib, there was a toy in the exact spot that I wanted. That is where he landed, on the very jingly loud toy, "sh*T, sh*T, sh*T, went through my head! Luckely I was able to move the toy without disturbing the babe, a fluke if there ever was one.

Today baby smelled a little funky, I peeked in the diaper to see if there were any floaties, just a little one. No less then 10 minutes later I came back to check again and ther was sh*t all over the play pen and my child. Always remember big poo follows small poo!

Saturday, July 12

Big Boy

Cy has been hitting milestones left right and center all this week! Since tuesday cy has discovered how to climb p to standing on anything, including the dogs. Crawling is no problem for him any more, he is speedy gonzalas.

On thursday while at play group cyrus cut his last front tooth, bringing the number up to 4!

Thrsday evening Cyrus has real people food-lasagnea at the grandparents house, and it's been easy from there. Cheerios and juice for breakfast on friday. A bit of popsicle later, then some more lasagnea for dinner!

Yeah real food, I am just not sure if I am okay with him possibly weaning himself off the boob, time will tell.

Monday, July 7

Mountain Mama & baby!

Aunite Lauren, Cy and I hiked up Ha Ling today. Well Cy on my back in the Ergo (thanks again Mom!). We made it up and back in 4 hours. It became really cold and windy at the top, but the sun peeked through a few times! Great views! in all my 25yrs tis was the first time up, definately worth it but not again for a few years please! The incline was really steep.

On another note, my garden is doing great! Except for my tomato seedlings that did not make it when we were on holiday. We found new ones bigger for $1 at zellers! Yay!