Thursday, July 17

Sh*t Storm!

Lately baby has not been sleeping very well because of his teeth, the forth one just reciently cut through and I bugging baby constantly. Also not sleeping well because in this ninth month of being a mother I have failed to create a schedule.

The last few nights I have started a bedtime routine and a daytime routine that is very flexible because you never know.

Seems to be working okay.

Back to the sh*t storm, the other day when baby had finally fallen asleep after no less then 2 hours of feeding, rocking, and snuggling I went to lay him in his crib, there was a toy in the exact spot that I wanted. That is where he landed, on the very jingly loud toy, "sh*T, sh*T, sh*T, went through my head! Luckely I was able to move the toy without disturbing the babe, a fluke if there ever was one.

Today baby smelled a little funky, I peeked in the diaper to see if there were any floaties, just a little one. No less then 10 minutes later I came back to check again and ther was sh*t all over the play pen and my child. Always remember big poo follows small poo!

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