Monday, April 30

Waldorf Kindergarden

We just got home from a meeting for the Waldorf Kindergarden in our town.  It's a go! Yay... I really like the concept of the Waldorf philosophy.  Cy is in the preschool already, T will go next year.

They are also offering a Forest Play a few afternoons a week where the kids just get out and play outdoors and learn too.  Cy will love it.

The price is a bit over our price range so I am going to finish my bookkeeping courses this summer so I can start working.  Then we will have the extra moola that we need.  The best part is that I will be able to work from home so T can still be home with me.

Today I saw a bluebird just outside our yard.  It's been a while since I have seen one as they are very rare.

The boys had a great time playing outside today.  They made up a game that involved a king and rolling balls down the slide.  I was able to capture some great photos, I will post them tomorrow as I am sleepy now.


Wednesday, April 25

Yarn Along

Linking up to the YARN ALONG HERE 

I am almost finished T's sweater that I can almost taste it.  I just need to knit up the collar and sew my ends in.. oh and pic some very fitting buttons.  I tried the sweater on his today and he hated it.  I'm hoping once it's all finished with no hanging strings that he will like it (fingers crossed).  The pattern is Gavyn in Ravlery.

The rest of our day has been riddled with sniffles and vomit.

I have had a wicked cold since last Friday and it's seems to just keep getting worse.  I sneeze all day 5 or 6 sneezes at a time.  My head hurts and I am so congested that I am unable to taste my food :(.  All I want to do is go to sleep but someone has to change bums and gets snacks.

Cy also has the cold, it has just started with him so I hope by the time he is full blown I will be better so I can take care of him better.  Also after lunch Cy was running around and then just vomited on the floor.  He said he was hot.  Since then he has had no problems and ran around the yard for an hour.  Hope that one little vomit is the only one I see.

It reminds me of the time my brother was little and my mom was doing his halloween makeup.  He said he felt bad and then one second later he vomited everywhere.  My mom barely had time to barrel roll out of the way :O

Tuesday, April 24

Strawberry Fields

I moved 12 strawberry plants from the front garden to a new bed at the back.  I hope all of the plants that I transplanted survive.  Right when I was finished it started to pour so they had a good drink.

The boys were making a mud pond in the yard today.  T learned how to turn on and off the outdoor tap.  Endless fun.  T did get a face full of mud when Cy swing a shovelful.  I wished I had taken a photo :(

When the rain started I wrapped all of C's yarn into hanks so I could see how much she had.  Such  a beautiful hand spun yarn.  Looks like candy.

The cold I have is really getting to me.  All sneezing and stuffy nose.  I just hope I do not get a sinus infection like I had last year. (knock on wood)  The boys also have it now too so I am debating if we should skip school tomorrow or not...

Off to get the boys to bed after wrestle mania, then I hope to finish T's sweater tonight

Monday, April 23

Birds and Bees.....

Saw our first bumble bee today!  It was huge.  It's almost time to let our mason bees come out of hibernation... maybe this weekend.  I am really excited to see how they do.

We saw a Yellow Headed Blackbird today in the yard.  I have never seen one before and it looked tropical to me.  Not my pic... (i  wish)  it came from here 

Hope to see more of this guy and many others as the season continues.  Also some some Junco's eating from Cy' feeder last week.  Also Q saw a bald eagle on his way to work.

Lindsay and I almost hit a black bear last friday on the way to knitting.  It ran right out onto the road!  A very large one, pure black , at least 400 lbs I think.

I LOVE living here!

Here is my little grow-op!

Saturday, April 21

 Fun park play on a very nice Early April day, it was 15 so we HAD to go to the park!

 First fire pit of the season... many more to come!

 Easter 2012, T is absent from pics because he just ate all his chocolate!

 Quiet happy play for about 30 min, a mama dream, I just knitted.  Now they are throwing empty pop bottles around their room with the door closed... it's the little things in life :)

Our tomatoes!  This year they seem to be on drugs!

Yesterday we took the boys in to get blood taken for allergy testing.  Cy sat on my lap and watched the nurse as she inserted the needle.  He didn't even flinch or get upset!  We were so amazed with how he did.  Our very brave 4 year old.

T cried when the needle went in but when they were finished he stopped crying right away. The nurses were great , they only took a minute.  

Then we all went out for ice creme at Dairy Queen.  

Tuesday, April 17

Egg free Chocolate chip coconut cookies

1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup honey
2 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp oil
mix together

1.5 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 c coconut
mix together then add to wet mixture
add splash of milk if too dry

scoop at 1 tbsp balls onto cookie sheet
cook at 350 farenheight for 13 min


2 dozen!

Back in time...

Yesterday our water pump broke. We share a well with 14 other houses. Lately we have been having problems with leaks and broken parts.

Now we have no water until later tonight when a new pump will be installed.

I am melting snow on the stove to flush the toilette.... :)

A flashback in time

A nice break from dishes and laundry!