Saturday, February 18

Bodyrock Update

So lately I totally suck at keeping up with my blog but we have been so busy lately....

The weather has been sooo nice in our neck of the woods so the boys and I spend a lot oftime outside. I cannot wait until summer so we can all work in the garden together and play in the sand box.

I have been trying to get the house organized so each day I try to sort one area and organize it. So far I have finished:

Bathroom cupboards
Craft Bin
Kitchen Cabinets
Livingroom Shelves

So the house looks much better already! I made a list of 30 things to organize and I am making my way through it. By the time I am finished most of the house will be organized and then I will just have to start decorating! I am very excited :)

Yesterday I finished my 5th week of I followed the January 30 day challenge and now I have started the Feb 30 day challenge. That's 25 days of bodyrock! Or 300 minutes average of bodyrock.

My body looks tighter and my muscles are bigger! I am eating mostly healthy with a few treats thrown in. This weekend I am going to brainstorm some eating habits I would like to adopt to help me to reach my goals quicker. 6 pack here I come.

My one goal it to loose 5 lbs by May 1st. t seems like a small goal I know but after that 5 lbs I will be at my goal weight! Also with the added muscle I am finding the numbers on the scale do not want to go down.... Muscle beats fat!

Saturday, February 4

January Update

Can I have a towel on my head just like you mom?

And I'm spent...

Sticker Fun!

Cookie cutter stamping with paint.
We have been very busy the last few weeks, the boys have had 2 days of Waldorf preschool. They made dipped candles for Candlemas. I guess we will have some more winter as it was a clear and bright day.

The Waldorf community here has presented the school board with a proposal for kindergarden next year. It was accepted! I am soooooo excited!

Kyowan seems depressed and a part of his gums has started to rot, so the time to day goodbye is near. A great life for a 13 year old huge dog.

Sorry not much chatting really tired today... my knee is sore so I am taking a few days off of and I miss it! :(