Thursday, August 22

Boys this week

The boys were looking really cute yesterday morning!  All bundled up in sweaters because the mornings have gotten very chilly lately.

With the chilly mornings and the holiday approaching I am a little worried about the corn and the pumpkins... I hope they do ok while we are gone.
My brother has agreed to come and check all the garden and make sure the kitties have not eaten eachother.

We are driving to Tafino, leaving tomorrow night... I cannot wait but I almost wished we had ore time because we are not ready yet.
I am going to start some laundry now before work and before I wake up the little dudes...

Also we stared the envelope method of budgeting... Last week was our first week.  We  made it... just had to do some adjusting in the budget....
We are starting week 2 with only 162 for food and 55.75 for extra...

Wish us luck...

Monday, August 12

Knit Along...

I am reading Taken.... I have just started it... I am really interested in it.
Knitting a sweater for T, my first big try at cables!

Hooking up with the Yarn Along... over at Small Things Blog

Boys this week Aug 2-12

Ter with his painted face :)

ter cupcakes, all sprinkles all the time

by pinterest challenge done....

multicolor carrots from garden

Cupcake decorating!  half green and half red

New sparkly water colors... for paper?

Poor Ter bear had a nightmare...but Daddy made him feel better

Thursday, August 1

Boys this week!

Cy pulled a recipe out of a magazine to make worms in dirt at home.  Pudding with candy worms and oreo crumbs on top to look like dirt.
The boys made it themselves and loved it!

Also my Uncle Jim passed away last thursday.  He was a really nice man,  I will miss him.  
The girls at work brought me a plant.

Cy is loving modeling lately... I have to remember to get some clay that he can build stuff with and let dry...

Overall a really good week leading into the long weekend... having fun being creative with the boys and around the house:)

Pinterest Challenge- Day 5

Still working on the flower canvas art.  Cut a ton of petals!  Am way to tired of petals, and another layer of red paint!