Wednesday, March 18


Up until this very month Cy has not had a blankie that he favoured over any of the others. Now he keeps his blue and white croched blankie with him in bed all the time. This afternoon I put him to bed with his beige blanket and about 30 min later when I went into check on him this is what I found.

Very cute, very bundled! And still able to breath under all that, who knew?

Monday, March 9


Yesterday Daddy, Babe, Aunti Sam, Cousin Cassie and Auntie Laura, Katie, and I all went to the zoo. At the zoo in the -20 celcius weather, it was great, no crowds! We all went to see the Koalas that are at the Calgary zoo for a limited time. I am not sure how long they are there. Here are some pics from our journey.

Friday, March 6

This post's for Laura

Stop whining about my lack of posts, I see no blog comming out of your end of the world!