Thursday, December 27

Did this...only 1 round as ran out of time, another round after work


Wednesday, December 12

AM Workout

35 Dive Bomber Pushups and Knee Raises before 7am... not bad

Check this out here if you don't know what they are.

Happy wednesday

Tuesday, December 11

Summer Bucket List- All done!

  • Find shapes in clouds DONE AUG 10
  • Go fishing! Done June 1st
  • Go to "Writing on stone provincial park, ab"
  • Go to Bird Park
  • Go to drumheller and camp
  • Go to saskatoon berry farm DONE AUG 12
  • Go to water park in Calgary
  • Go to Zoo april 28
  • Have a picnic
  • Hike up Sulfur Mt done sept 18
  • Look for baby ducks
  • Make cork boats and float them
  • Marble roll on swim foamie DONE JULY 6
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Night walk DONE(Earth hour March 31)
  • Plant Wheat Grass for easter DONE MARCH 14
  • Rock Climbing with kiddos DONE JULY 8
  • Shaving cream paint DONE March 26
  • Shaving cream paint outside in pool
  • Shoot rockets done sept 5
  • Throw rocks in river DONE MAY 14-15
  • Toe painting on cookie sheets outside done aug 25