Sunday, July 27

Back Spasms Suck!

I woke up this morning at 7am, today is my sleep in day but i am unable to sleep becaus emy back in in spasms, all down my back an into my ribs. This makes my stomache hurt and feel all gooey. Baby and husband are having a great sleep and I am in pain trying to relax or whatever I am so jelous. On the other hand they look so cute sleeping together all cudly in the bed. I love my boys even through this bugger of a pain.
Hopefully swimming later, last sunday of the month it's free yay!
I am going for a walk, maby that will help.

Thursday, July 24

Snakes, Hikes, and Famous babies!

We went to Calgary to visit Auntie Sam and cousin Cassie two days ago. When we went for a walk we saw a snake! Crawling across the path right in front of the strollers a grey/green 1.5 foot long garder snake. So neat, we have not seen a snake in this area for a few years.

Then yesterday Grandpa, Grandma, and Baby and I went hiking around two jack lake outside of banff! A little rain, a mommy duck and babies and a new baby friend. A really nice relaxing hike all around.

Today Auntie Sam and Cassie came out to go to baby play group with us. It was really fun, lots of songs and other babies. Cyrus has his photo in the newsletter, he is famous! It is the newsletter for the whole bow valley!


Sunday, July 20

Active Day!

A great and very active day was had today. Started out with a hike up Heart Creek trail, then bouldering at the banff center, finishing off with laps and playtime at the pool with baby, daddy, granddad, and grandma (both from ontario). Was a great day!

Short but sweet! (post)

Thursday, July 17

Sh*t Storm!

Lately baby has not been sleeping very well because of his teeth, the forth one just reciently cut through and I bugging baby constantly. Also not sleeping well because in this ninth month of being a mother I have failed to create a schedule.

The last few nights I have started a bedtime routine and a daytime routine that is very flexible because you never know.

Seems to be working okay.

Back to the sh*t storm, the other day when baby had finally fallen asleep after no less then 2 hours of feeding, rocking, and snuggling I went to lay him in his crib, there was a toy in the exact spot that I wanted. That is where he landed, on the very jingly loud toy, "sh*T, sh*T, sh*T, went through my head! Luckely I was able to move the toy without disturbing the babe, a fluke if there ever was one.

Today baby smelled a little funky, I peeked in the diaper to see if there were any floaties, just a little one. No less then 10 minutes later I came back to check again and ther was sh*t all over the play pen and my child. Always remember big poo follows small poo!

Saturday, July 12

Big Boy

Cy has been hitting milestones left right and center all this week! Since tuesday cy has discovered how to climb p to standing on anything, including the dogs. Crawling is no problem for him any more, he is speedy gonzalas.

On thursday while at play group cyrus cut his last front tooth, bringing the number up to 4!

Thrsday evening Cyrus has real people food-lasagnea at the grandparents house, and it's been easy from there. Cheerios and juice for breakfast on friday. A bit of popsicle later, then some more lasagnea for dinner!

Yeah real food, I am just not sure if I am okay with him possibly weaning himself off the boob, time will tell.

Monday, July 7

Mountain Mama & baby!

Aunite Lauren, Cy and I hiked up Ha Ling today. Well Cy on my back in the Ergo (thanks again Mom!). We made it up and back in 4 hours. It became really cold and windy at the top, but the sun peeked through a few times! Great views! in all my 25yrs tis was the first time up, definately worth it but not again for a few years please! The incline was really steep.

On another note, my garden is doing great! Except for my tomato seedlings that did not make it when we were on holiday. We found new ones bigger for $1 at zellers! Yay!