Sunday, October 31


Welcome Cynda

Last thursday I drove with the boys down to Cowley alberta that is very close to Crow's Nest Pass. All the way down there to pick up a dog. An adorable border collie/akbash. She is very tall as tall as our newfoundland/ lab. She is hugely skinny though. Every time she eats it's twice as much as our big guy. Also she is scared of everything. Loves the kids and is coming around with Q and I. It's depressing that people treat their dogs this way. Isn't she beautiful?

Thursday, October 21


A while ago I found this website   It's awsome a new workout almost everyday by a woman Zuzana and her husband Freddy.  They are so hardcore I love it.  Every workout is a home workout and they never take very long... 12 min or 20.  That's it!  It all interval training so quick and produces quick results.  If you can believe it I am starting to see my abs again.  Oh abs I miss you its been at least 4 years since I was pregnant with my first son in 2006!  I also run on my off days and I want to complete a half marathon by next summer.  I tried to one this past summer but I was just not ready.

I am going to post what workout I did here and my score to keep track.  You should check this site out.  They also have great nutrition advice.


My score:   One leg squat/jump tuck   1-9    2-11   3-11   4-13
Santana Zuzana pushup                            1-7    2-7     3-7    4-8
Side jump/side lunge                                 1-12  2-14   3-14    4-14

So far so good! Now off to shower... :)