Wednesday, December 31


Is this my baby's future? A gift from a friend working on her PhD.
Happy New Years Everyone! Thanks for reading my blog this year
New things to come.......

Monday, December 29


The Whole Family left 2 right (granny, cy, mike,laura, sam, grampa(santa), kate, q, me, kim, cassie, devon)
Cy was unsure of Santa
On the way me, deidre, cy, matt, q

I hope the Christmas season has found everyone happy and healthy.


Monday, December 22

Up Late...

It's 12:46 am and I am unable to sleep. Hubby let me sleep in today which was so great but 2 extra hours of sleep have to be taken from somewhere.

Lately I have been feeling a bit bored. Plus with the money issue being tight this has led me to the job market. Unfortunately in the winter our small town really has a lack of jobs, usually due to the slow down of tourists. This year with the economy being also down there are even fewer jobs leaving me with bare pickings. Luckely hubby is employed with a company that has jobs lined up for at least 2 years right now. We are very fortunate. I feel for my bro in this aspect.

Even though hubby has a great job, movey is still tight causing my hubby to be stressed. This is the number 1 reason that I am looking for a job.

If any of you local readers have any beads on work please keep me informed, thanks!

Merry Christmas to all.....very soon!
P.s baby has a cold and a new molar.....bummer

Friday, December 19

My babies are home!

Last thursday my babies came home from 1.5 days in Ontari without me! It was way too hard, like homesickness when you are at home just your family is away.
Baby went right back on the boob which I am really excited about cause I want to nurse him until about 2ish, we shall see when we get there.

Yesterday at playgroup for the first time baby noticed the painting easel. He painted his very first masterpiece! Plus a bit of a masterpiece on his clothes too! I will post a pic of the art soon keep looking.

Tonight hubby's bro and his new fiance are comming out tonight for christmas, I can't wait. It will be a ton of fun. I am cleaning the house so it looks great.

Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 10

Missing my babies

Hubby and baby are in ontario,and i am here! i miss my babies this------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------much (plus infinity).

I can't wait until thursday!

I am going to clean the house!!!!woohoo

Monday, December 8

I love Baby Einstein

Today I am having a very rough day (P.M.S), which is made worse by the fact that I thought 5 days late=baby. Soooo wrong=grumpy!

Baby is also having a rough day (not sleeping) possibilities: teeth, overtired, sences my mood...who knows.

Baby einstein to the rescue, baby watching his favorite baby neptune, all about water. Mama gets a breaks here with coffee.

We have had a ton of snow lately...Yay!