Wednesday, June 24

Big Boy

Today Cy was very grumpy when he woke up so I put him in bed with daddy, who was still snoozing. He slept for another 30 minutes, which was great, I was able to drink coffee without a baby movie on in the background.

Then I heard a bump and Cy came down the hall all by himself without crying or wining to see mama goodmorning. What a big boy, I wish I could keep him small forever.

Tuesday, June 16


Yesterday hubby, baby and I went to the hospital for my ultrasound of the new baby. Who I could have sworn was more then 1. But there is only 1. It's going to be 1 big baby I think. Not sure if it is a boy or a girl.

We could see the whole baby. The hand with the tiny fingers spread, the spine, it looks like we could have the baby tomorrow and it would be ready, just small. It seems so soon yet still 5 months away. So long to wait!

At least then we will have time to get the house organized. Last sunday the Parents in law left so now the house is ours again. Company is fun but it's so nice to get our house back!

Friday, June 12

19 weeks

Now today at 19 weeks I continue to grow at a very speedy rate. Lots of kicking and lots of the dreaded morning sickness.. Also at this point the fatigue of late pregnancy has started to kick in.

The two migraines I have had in the last week have done nothing to help. Now, just an hour after a migraine aura I feel all fuzzy headed, almost like this day is actually a dream. Anyone else experienced these weird feeling following a migraine?

Monday, June 1

17 weeks!

Last friday I started my 17th week. Interesting, I look about 5 1/2 months pregnant. Can you say twins? We do not know yet, but I cannot wait until June 15th for the ultrasound.

What the books say about the second pregnancy is so true. You will not think about it 24/7 like you did the first time. You will forget sometimes that you are. You will worry about how your first baby will take to the second, plus how will you share all your love? Is it even possible? We shall find out. My mom (mother of five) says that the more babies you have, the more love you have.

Wholly did I ever had postpartum last time. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone cause I am hoping to skip that whole chapter!

Pray that I do!