Tuesday, February 25

Sunday, February 23


Looked at the number today.. if we stay on the same path our debt will be gone by March 2017.... not bad!
If we increase our payments, we will have it paid off even quicker!

Ah cannot wait for that last payment!

Monday, February 17

Meal Plan Feb 18-24

We had a great "family" weekend with the boys.  On saturday we went to the LEGO MOVIE! I reccommed it to anyone, even if you do not have kids, it was done so well.  If you have kids under the age of say 3.5 you may want to wait on this one, there were a few scary parts.

After the movie G.G watched the boys while Q and I were able to go to dinner for our Valentines day date.  We went to Montanas that was soo yummy and then a browse through the book store after.  What a treat!

Sunday we took the boys climbing in Banff, followed by a swim.  We spent about 4 hours there.  We were all very tired when we finally piled back into the car at 9 pm...the boys almost fell asleep before we were able to get some smoothie into them.

Monday was spent with daddy going back country skiing with a buddy.  He had not gone skiing for about 3 years so he had a ball.  The boys and I hung out at home and build a ton of legos.  We also met some new friends at the park!

Into bed and ready for another busy week.  There is no school this week so C had daycare and T is going to his regualr daycare.  They go to different places, but that is the normal.

I look to the fridge and wonder what I am going to feed the kiddies all week? Hmmmm

Here goes my Menu Plan for the week:

Ham stir fry with wild rice, freezer ham, vegetables, pantry rice

Homemade pizza, homemade sauce and pepperoni in fridge 

Yam and Quinoa cakes with salad

Taco Roll ups, yum

Roasted Brussel sprouts with beer battered halibut

Chick Pea Curry and Rice, veg  (in freezer) 

Hooking up with Meal Plan Monday over at OrgJunkie

2013 BOYS

Tuesday, February 4

Meal Plan Feb 5-11

Homemade Pizza and Creamed Corn (Cy request)

Beef/Spinach Pasta

Brussel Sprout Nachos

Balsamic Vinegar Pork Tenderloin and Sweet Potato Fries
-mix 1 C oil, and 1 C balsmaic vinegar, 1 tbsp steak spice, marinate pork overnight in zippy bag, cook at 350 in glass pan for 1 hr, pour sauce over meat 2-3 times while it cooks yum!

Australian Pie

Butternut Squash and Coconut soup and Bread