Sunday, August 23


Our son is 22 months old. Today daddy and Cy came to visit me at work (in a baby store). We have a whole rack of rainboots. Cy loves these. He picked out a blue pair and proceded to pull a ball out of each one! His toy balls! He must have put them in the boots last week. I only work weekends. He remembered which boots had his balls and that he put them in there at all! Crazy!

Thursday, August 13

The truth comes out

I have been eating clean for the past 3 weeks now. Except this past week I have fallen off the wagon. I can't remember why I fell off, what was the catalist? Anyway with this pregnancy, I am 7 months along tomorrow!, I have been full of energy. My last pregnancy our couch had a perma print of my ass in it for the last 4 months or so of the pregnancy.

This last week my stomache has been sore, I am exhasted, I have headaches. It suddenly dawned on me. I have felt like crap ever since I stopped eating clean. Man if only I knew this years ago. My body hates junk food! I have eaten junk, lots of it, (i have a huge sugar tooth) for the past 26 years and have been feeling crappy. Always on and off I have felt crappy, more then the average bear. All I had to do was eat clean?

I am not going to fall off the wagon again! It's no fun feeling like crap with no energy and no patience for anyone!.

As I sit here I am eating a salad wrap, just salad in an organic wrap, already I feel better.

Everyone should try this way of eating!

Monday, August 10

Aug 10, 2009

The belly is getting bigger. Due to the "eating clean" lifestyle that I have reciently adopted the belly is still very managable. Also my ass has not grown it's usual 3 sizes. I can almost envision my body post pregnancy. At this point last time in the pregnancy I was huge and very tired, I had horrible swelling and the pregnancy rash. I cannot remember the medical term, all I remember is that I felt like I had poison ivy all over my belly and legs. So far so good this time, but I cannot remember when the rash started last time so I may still get it.

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking of what you would like to behave like in a situation but the reality is so far from what you envishioned? I would like to be a more "granola" mother, letting things go that just do not matter, being calm more, mellow and generally "go with the flow". Usually I find myself stressed and yelling. I wish I could be more layed back. I know that compared to alot of people I am really ladi back already, but I am just not where I want to be.

My goal is to get closer to the vision, I am not sure how I will do this...I am going to research it!