Monday, March 31


Corn dog muffins and salad

tamali pie and pumpkin cornbread

meatballs, vegetables, and bread

homemade pizza and fruit

tacos and corn salad


hooking up with OrgJunkie

Monday, March 17


I painted my nails green last night.
The boys and I colored St. Patty's day pictures

Made green cake that fell on the floor out of the oven and had absolutely no structure or want to stay in cake shape at all = made leprechaun turd cake balls.

Also sneaky hid some green canadian tire money under the kids pillows and called it Leprechaun money.  Cy said "this is from Canadian tire" we said "ah so leprechaun's shop there too!"

Sunday, March 2

New Budget For March

Have you started your budget for March?

I just finalized ours for March...

We have started to remember to save for big payments coming in the future such as insurance payments, daycare, and well payments.  That way we are able to handle these payments when they come instead of having to dig into our other $ for the month.

Every penny has a job and every job has a penny... we should have $5 at the end of the month.... that way we can buy a coffee to celebrate!

Am I the only one that gets ridiculously excited for budgeting?