Thursday, March 25

Sad Bike

Last night I tried to go for a bike ride with my totally awsome road bike.  I guess after 3 years in the garage it may need some loving.  Turns out the fron ttire was worped and a spoke is broken.  I hate the fact that it seems everything we have eventually gets wreaked.  We really need to get organized.  Most of the stuff we have we don't use or we can't get to it to use it anyway!

I did go for a bike ride with my sisters bike I found on the backside of the garage.  It just needed some air and a dust off.  45min later but butt was sore!  I have been taking the week off from running because my knees hurt.  That's what I get for skimping on weight training and too much running on the highway.  

Today I will finish laundry and organize cy's room...or start there...  

Tuesday, March 23


Dad says "I'm going to drop the kids off at the pool"
Cy says "I want to go swimming with you"

Monday, March 22

Manic Mondays

Today was a great day.  Cy went to bed by himself without mama or daddy sitting with him for the first time since Ter was born 4.5 months ago.  Possibly napping will return as well?  One can only hope!

My mom started her new job today.  This means no commute and she works about 2 minutes from our house.  This is awsome because when I start my golf course job in about 2 weeks she is going to watch the babes in the morning.  I only will be working until 12 ish.  Yay, a job where the hours 6am-12pm has never looked so good!  I think that its the only way to work when you have two kids and are still breastfeeding.  Mom also brought me an electric breast pump to try.  So far babe has refused to take a bottle but I think he will be okay plus I am only away for 6 hours.  My job is 7 min down the road so I will feed him before I go.

Today we noticed a few sprouts comming up out of Q 's greenhouse garden.  There will be pics tomorrow but today I can't find the cord and I am going to sleep.  Glorious sleep.

Night Night...

Sunday, March 21

Little Enviro

Cy and I just got back from a great walk that took us all around the hamlet and with a play at the park.  Today I showed him that picking up garbage when you are outside is good for the environment and makes us feel good too.

I was out today meeting a friend for coffee, I spent my time waiting looking through the bookstore.  Bookstores to me are like candy shops.  I saw the book "Sleeping naked is green"  It inspired me to pick up garbage on my walk with cy.  I went home and ordered the book through our library...Can't wait for it to come!  I LOVE the library.  

Earlier today I got really crafty and cut up two of my hubby's t-shirts and sewed them into a baby sling.  I am happy to report that the sling is my new favorite and baby loves it too!  I used the tutorial from here:

very easy to follow.

Happy sunday

Saturday, March 20

A Day

Today I worked for 2 hours at a hair salon helping with a wedding party.  This was going to be my trial to see how well I got along with the boss.  It turns out that I accepted another position but because I said I would come in then I did.  I had to fix up some pedicures and just help.  It was okay, some good money but I am glad I got the other job.  Yay golfcourse!

Q got a mini greenhouse from his mom for x-mas.  He set it all up and with cy's help planted about 10 trays of veggies and flowers.  He put it outside today because it was so fell off the deck!  Sucks...all that work.  He saved most but now its all a surprise as to what will grow where.

I hope to do some sewing later, I have pieced about half the quilt and I think it looks great!  I am so excited to see how it finishes up!  

Happy weekend to all! 

Wednesday, March 17


I have a job interview today at the golf course.  Outdoors, really early to about 12 or 1 pm.  Good money and only 10 minutes down the road.  I hope I get this job...wish me luck.

Saturday, March 6


Yesterday I ran a 5k from Harvie Heights to Canmore.  Q came with me in the car to keep the boys entertained.  It took me 38min.  I have been running 3 days a week for a while now.  I would like to run a half marathon in Hawaii next time we go... hopefully not that long.

I love running...with my feels good.  Always hard but never impossible.


I painted our window pink...yes pink...every house needs a little pink.
Big boy T is 4 months!
I'm making a quilt like first.
I finally cut all the pieces out!
The pattern is from this mag.
C got his first haircut...just out of his eyes by mama.

Crafts by daddy and C.

We love the blocks!

Wednesday, March 3

The Scarf

I finally finished Q's scarf.  It took me forever.  I can't even remember when I started it.  The colors are Q's design, the pattern I found on  My favorite knitting website ever!  Here's the pattern if you want to try one of your own!

I used size 10 needles
Bulky weight yarn
CO 22 sts

r1-(k2, p2) repeat until end of row. Repeat all rows as shown
r2-(p2, k2) 
r5-do r1
r6-do r2

Repeat all these until the scarf is the length you desire.  Good Luck.

Don't ya just love my sexy model?

Wordless Wednesday