Thursday, March 25

Sad Bike

Last night I tried to go for a bike ride with my totally awsome road bike.  I guess after 3 years in the garage it may need some loving.  Turns out the fron ttire was worped and a spoke is broken.  I hate the fact that it seems everything we have eventually gets wreaked.  We really need to get organized.  Most of the stuff we have we don't use or we can't get to it to use it anyway!

I did go for a bike ride with my sisters bike I found on the backside of the garage.  It just needed some air and a dust off.  45min later but butt was sore!  I have been taking the week off from running because my knees hurt.  That's what I get for skimping on weight training and too much running on the highway.  

Today I will finish laundry and organize cy's room...or start there...  

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