Saturday, March 20

A Day

Today I worked for 2 hours at a hair salon helping with a wedding party.  This was going to be my trial to see how well I got along with the boss.  It turns out that I accepted another position but because I said I would come in then I did.  I had to fix up some pedicures and just help.  It was okay, some good money but I am glad I got the other job.  Yay golfcourse!

Q got a mini greenhouse from his mom for x-mas.  He set it all up and with cy's help planted about 10 trays of veggies and flowers.  He put it outside today because it was so fell off the deck!  Sucks...all that work.  He saved most but now its all a surprise as to what will grow where.

I hope to do some sewing later, I have pieced about half the quilt and I think it looks great!  I am so excited to see how it finishes up!  

Happy weekend to all! 

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