Wednesday, June 23

Best Weekend Ever!

This past weekend we went to Butter field Acres.  A small farm where you can get in the pens and pet all the animals.  It was better then I expected!  Cy was scared of the pony for the pony ride but I think he will be fine next time. 

Stinky pigs, they tried to eat my pants!
After the farm we went to Prince's Island Park.  We saw lots of ducks and geese with babies.  Cy and daddy spent a ton of time at the park and playing soccer.  Ter practiced sitting.  

A c-train ride.  1 st for the boys...

Huge buildings.

I CAN sit...I am 7.5 months now!

Rolling with daddy.  The best way to travel!
Snack break

At the end of the day on the way home!

Tuesday, June 22

Yesterday I finally found the slide for Cy that I have been looking for!  On kijiji for $75 yay!  Q picked it up for us after work.... thanks daddy!  Cy spent the hole evening on it, he was even late getting to bed because he was having too much fun. 
This is a butterfly that decided to fly next to me at work.  It was flying beside my mower like dolphins do with large boats.  It then landed on a flower so I could get a great photo.  What a beauty.  Did I mention that I love my new cell phone with camera! A Tiger Swallowtail


Ter now says Dada!  And  almost crawling....

Tuesday, June 15

Montessori Monday

I got this idea from!  Cy loved using the glue (his favorite) ripping and sorting the paper was fun too! 

Sunday, June 13

Busy Sundays

Last week L and I ran the Airdrie Mayor's 10k.  It took us 71:30min!  2 min faster then our last run!

Today was so hot so the boys, dogs, and I wandered down to the river to throw rocks in.  There is a bit of a breeze there too!  Ter is 7months now and growing fast...I can't believe cy is 2.5.  Where has the time gone?

Yes that's drool on my nose!