Tuesday, November 29

Cy's new Hat!

Dispite the mopey look he LOVES his hat! I finished it last night, although I'm going to take it apart and knit it a bit longer so it covers more ears for longer.

I found the pattern HERE

I love finishing projects, after years of having tons of unfinished projects its nice to accomplish some. I am ready finished my secret santa gift. GO ME!

Monday, November 28

OH Monday....

It's been one of those days... It's 7 and the kids are in bed.... hmm no sounds from there either.... usually they go to bed at 8 but maybe it's too late for them?

I made homemade diaper rash creme the other day... works like a charm and made from what I had on hand in the kitchen.

Coconut Oil
Mix until it forms a thick paste (like icing)
from this blog neohippiemama

Also tonight I threw together a lasagna from what we had on hand

Roasted Veggie Lasagna

1 can black beans
1 can tomato sauce
1/3 green pepper
1/3 yellow pepper
1/3 purple onion
olive oil
no boil lasagna noodles

Mix drained & rinsed beans, tomato sauce, and spices until it tastes good.
Cut up veggies and lay on baking tray, sprinkle with oil and salt pepper garlic bake on 425 until slightly brown
spray 9X 6 inch glass pan and layer 1 noodle layer, 1/2 mix layer, 1/2 roasted veggies, rest of mix, shredded cheese with a few veggies on top
bake at 350 for 45 min or until noodles soft

Wednesday, November 23

Big Brother

Yesterday CY wanted to help T drink some water. T is just learning so C gave T just a little bit of water ....

"drink slowly"
"you did it! your a big boy now t"
t says "thank you cy"

"oh he dribbled on his chin"... he got a cloth and wiped t's chin then got him more water too.

A very good big brother! Every day I am shown what brotherly love is and how unconditional family love should be.

Walking Wednesdays

Just got back from a walk with L and her babes! Was great, the weather was very warm, it's a little rainy and covered with snow. The kids had a blast, they needed a bit to warm up to each other but once they did, the giggling never stopped.

I unfortunately did not take any pictures, probably because we were too busy talking. It's so nice to have some girl chat, twice a week too!

We are going to plan another outing next week too, I am really excited to make it a regular thing. Here are some pictures from T and I walking this morning while Cy was in Waldorf school, which he loves.

T and I had a good morning walking around town, then doing some errands. Including Canadian Tire, so weird that Canmore has one now. Then almost buying $18 kid mitts but come on for a 2 year old? Then we walked along the river, T walked all that way including a 2 hour walk this afternoon. He almost walked the whole way so I hope he sleeps well tonight. I know I will :)

Cy LOVES school and all his friends. They made snowmen at school , so cute! He really likes the story time. It's story time or painting that he likes the best :). I really hope they get a Waldorf Kindergarden started for next year. It would be great for him.

Monday, November 21

T to pee

Ter today said "I go pee" and pee we went, to the bathroom, sat on the potty for a good 3 min. No actual pee but he wanted to go and sit. A first on both fronts, I am letting him take the lead and letting me know when he wants to start training, like We did with Cy.

My little boy is getting so big! Now that he is 2 I find myself still calling him "the baby" even though he is not really. Still my baby though, like Cy is still my baby and I still call him that :)

You Make Me Feel Workout

  • NINJA JUMP TUCK 9,9,950sec.interval
  • SANDBAG COMBO 11,12,950sec.interval
  • HIGH KNEES reg PUSH UPS 6,5,550sec.interval
  • PLANK JACKS 35,29,3650sec.interval
Very Hard! I'm very tired but I got it done.

My new goal is 4 times a week

Thursday, November 17


Surfer Kick Out- 6, 8, 10
Running Man Press- 4, 6,5
Kick Press-Left-14,14,13
Kick Press -Right- 12,14,12
Press Jack-16,16,16
3 point abs (tuck all)- 3,5,4

Day 2 this week, much better than last day yay!

Tuesday, November 15


You really loose your endurance fast, or it's the impending flu I have creeping in. I tried to do a bodyrock.tv workout this morning and I could only do half of it. It felt so hard like I had lead in my bones. I am going to try again tomorrow and I hope I have some energy then :(

Down with the flu! Say it louder! DOWN WITH THE FLU!

It is amazing when the boy says No I don't want to watch a movie I want to keep playing Tinker Toys!

Cy had a boo boo before bedtime, T crawled over to give him a hug and say "I love you Cyrus" I think my heart just about melted.

Thursday, November 10


Nose paint from yesterday!
Cy loves sorting his beads so I gave him the ice cube tray... he put it to good use :)

We had a good day, went to play group, then hung out at home for the rest of the day. After I woke up with a migraine the boys watched Caillou while I slept on the couch.
After [lay group we had lunch and T slept for a few hours. Cy sorted his beads while I organized some boxes. 2 down, 4 million to go! I found the colored pencils so we colored until daddy got home :) All in all a good day but I felt like I was in a dream or deja vu all day. Weird.

Tuesday, November 8

Tortillas & Busy Day

Morning hike, we almost made it to the waterfall. After the sun came out it warmed up tons.
Paint after lunch.

The boys and I made homemade tortillas for our tacos tonight. The recipe was really easy and both T and C were able to roll their own dough into balls. Which I later flattened and fried. Very yummy. Cyrus also grated the cheese which is his new favorite job, I have to watch and make sure he only grates the cheese because he will grate anything he can get his hands on. :)

Mrs. Fix-it

Happy Old oven part heading to Retirement

Our 16 year old oven was dying a slow and painful death. The oven took 10 + minutes to light so the kitchen (and whole house) would smell like gas. :(

I decided that to be frugal the best thing would be to get the oven fixed instead a buying a new one. I looked online and the part was $50 and there was also a youtube video of how to fix it!

I ordered the part and it came the NEXT DAY! When does that ever happen?

Q and I fixed it this last Sunday. It took all of 10 minutes, including turning off the gas, pulling out the stove, and removing the stove door. Wow I feel so handy!

Thursday, November 3

Off the Deep End

I've been really busy lately since Q and I have decided to pay off our debt super quick. In order to do this the budget is very small.... very, very small. So I save money on groceries and gas by planning very well and in advance. Hence the crazy baking and not letting anything go to waste.

I'm a little owl crazy..
Cy's vampire
Homemade hotdog buns... note the little ones, the boys made these themselves!
Bun porn
Halfway done pumpkin seed roasting
Super bug batch of homemade bread rising...

Cy on Computer and new Knit Hat!