Wednesday, November 23

Walking Wednesdays

Just got back from a walk with L and her babes! Was great, the weather was very warm, it's a little rainy and covered with snow. The kids had a blast, they needed a bit to warm up to each other but once they did, the giggling never stopped.

I unfortunately did not take any pictures, probably because we were too busy talking. It's so nice to have some girl chat, twice a week too!

We are going to plan another outing next week too, I am really excited to make it a regular thing. Here are some pictures from T and I walking this morning while Cy was in Waldorf school, which he loves.

T and I had a good morning walking around town, then doing some errands. Including Canadian Tire, so weird that Canmore has one now. Then almost buying $18 kid mitts but come on for a 2 year old? Then we walked along the river, T walked all that way including a 2 hour walk this afternoon. He almost walked the whole way so I hope he sleeps well tonight. I know I will :)

Cy LOVES school and all his friends. They made snowmen at school , so cute! He really likes the story time. It's story time or painting that he likes the best :). I really hope they get a Waldorf Kindergarden started for next year. It would be great for him.

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