Wednesday, May 20


My cousin and his wife just had twin boys to add to their brood of 1 very cute Gracie. So beautiful.

This gets me thinking that I may be having more then 1. I feel really big and not yet at the 4 month mark. So far though this pregnancy has been better. I started the morning sickness pills right when I found out that I was pregnant. I also have alot more energy but that could definately change. We shall see.

Thursday, May 14

Your Drive to Work...

Yesterday drivig to and from work I saw, 1 bluebird, 2 loons, and 1 red winged blackbird, as well as countless mountain sheep. This morning I saw 1 ausprey carring a branch. What do you see on your way to work? It kind of helps that I live deep in the Canadian Rockies.

I am trying to go deeper, I want to move to Rossland, BC. Anyone been there? Live there? Like it?

Wednesday, May 13


The tulips are reaching for the sky, but they have yet to open. Possibly because of the hail storm we had late afternoon yesterday. Luckely though, there is no snow left on the lawn. Driving to Canmore this morning, there is now everywhere, not alot but enough to stick to the lawns and make a chill in the air.

In the garden everything that I planted last year is comming back. With the exception of the fern. We took too long getting it into the ground and it never really had a chance. Better luck next time. Q planted flowers in the window box, garden, and pots for mother's day. They look great, all purple and blooming. They also survived the hail storm.

Last night we travelled to Calgary for a combination of the sibling birthdays (4) and mother's day. We all went to G.G's house. Despite what mom says about it being a hole, it is a really cute bachelor, with nice tile floor and a clawfoot tub. We had pizza and pie and cupcakes yummy a great visit all around.

Next big event is the inlaws May 23rd. I just have to clean the house and get somewhat organized. I just found out that I get that weekend and the next off yay! Here we come camping. I just have to work this weekend, a whole work week woe is me...Tee Hee

Thursday, May 7


Last night we all went to the Shrine Circus. I have never been to a circus before, and neither had my DH! It was awsome! They had acrobats and preforming poodles. Also there were elephants. Cy choose a lion baloon to take home. I will post some pic later, they are on DH phone.

I will be blogging here more often due to me working with high speed internet. Yay! Not like at home with my ancient dial up.

Very slow here at work I started at 10am and only 4 people have come in with no purchases! I forgot how much I hate retail. At least I only have to do this until October when I pop with the new baby! WISH mE lUCK!

Wednesday, May 6

Baby Withdrawl

I am at work and I have total baby withdrawl! The first week was okay but now into my third week it is getting harder and harder to leave my little man at home!

I am currently investigating ways to make enough money at home so I can stay there but make a little money too!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!