Monday, September 28

Grotto Walk

Last friday Cy and I went for a walk around Grotto Pond. It was early and so still chilly. The light was perfect for pictures. Here are a few.

The belly

Cy & Mama

Just walking (my favorite)

Boardwalk Stck toss

Bigfoot is sighted!

Thursday, September 24

Four Quarter Reunion Photos


Cy on the way home
cy with truck

Shannon & one of the twins & Cy

Sam & Another twin & Cy

New Pics and Birthday

Super Cassie

Visiting Daddy at work
Belly @ 33 weeks

Circus (a while ago)

Q's Bday was yesterday. If any of you are wondering how old my old man is well he turned 37. I have to say he is the best looking 37 yr old that I know. His running has really given him his 6 pack back. Shhhh don't tell him, he will get embarassed!

We had family over and Q cooked steaks on the fire. I made potatoes and cake. It was a nice layed back b-day. I bought Q the Knight Rider Series collection so that is all that he wants to watch lately. Classic 70-80's t.v shows!

Saturday, September 19

5 weeks and counting!

The count down started a while ago, this pregnancy seems to be taking forever! I am getting really tired but okay still. Today siatic back pain that travels all down my leg started. I had this last time too but not so much since I took off work 2 months before Cy came. This time I am planning to work until I pop this kid out. Just for the maternity leave. I am now thinking that I will take the last sunday off before the end of Oct so we can all go to the zoo, or spend the day as a family of three before we are 4.

Pics comming soon Q is picking up a new SD card reader! Yay!

Tuesday, September 15


Q finished his 10k in 47:51 min! Great timing. He was aiming for under 45 but his back seized up at the start slowing him down. A good run overall he said. I am so proud of him. I am going to look up more runs that he (and I later) can compete in.

Cy's molars are comming in so he does not nap at all any more. Add this to mama's pregnancy insomnia and cy's night wakings makes for a very tired mama! Today I am on the couch knitting while baby digs in his toy bin, bringing me toys he finds! I figure it's easier then pushing myself to do more and collapsing later.

I cannot wait until I have the baby and can sleep again if less, and start to get my energy back!

Sunday, September 13

Q's Run

I just got in at work after seeing Q off at his 10k. This is the Cause Canada Race we do every year cause the first one we did was on our anniversary. This is the first 10k for Q. I wish him luck and a good run. The weather is great for running, a little cool but with the promise of sun and warm later on. I wish I could run too ut being 8 months pregnant would make me take forever to finish if that would even be possible. So I am waiting here at work for when he comes by later to tell me how he did and to give him his congragulatory kiss. (I did not spell that right)
His goal is 45 min. I think he can definately do it in that time or less, he is a very fast runner. 6 foot 3 gives him very long legs. GO Q GO!

Saturday, September 12

Stop Work

After my trip to the hospital with Braxton Hicks I am wondering if I should stop work early. I was initially planning to work (just weekends) until the last week of Oct. Pretty much right before we have the baby, but now with Braxton-Hicks almost every night and when I walk around too much at work, I am wondering if I should stop. Gone are the days of my first pregnancy where I could just lay on the couch all day and sleep when I needed to. See my blog entry from yesterday to see what I have to do to get some napping in...

I would like to say that if I quit early I could get so much done. Like dishes, organizing and possibly painting the kids room. The truth is that most days I am lucky if I can get the dishes into the dishwasher and make some dinner. Usually after 4 pm I can only sit on the couch with no energy left. Yay Cy is really good at playing with himself and just hanging out. At this rate I don't know if we will have any more kids. The pregnancy's are too tiring with beans running around. Possibly I can convince hubby to hire me a nanny only for the last trimester of my pregnancies?

Friday, September 11

Desperate Times call for Desperate measures

For the last 2 days Cy has not napped for longer then 30 minutes. Also he has woken up at night for an average of 4 times a night for the past week. So today when he woke up from napping for half and hour I crawled my 7.5 month pregnant self into his crib and napped with him!
I was almost unable to get out of the crib after!

On another note Q and I went out for our anniversary last night. Auntie Kate came to baby sit. We went to Tony Roma's and then to a movie. But first we visited the location of our wedding 4 years before. I was great, a really nice night to hang out and relax. I look foreward to the next 60 years with my hubby! I love you infinity Q.

Thursday, September 10

Dogs anyone?

We have two dogs and some days I think that letting them run away would be easier then putting up with them.

Today Cy and I went for a walk and then to the park. The dogs came with us and the whole time we were at the park they barked like there was a bear in the area. Our one dog Taffy has seperation anxiety so she always thinks that she is getting left behind or forgotten. Koeywon is 9 now so going blind and dumb, he joins in the barking cause that seems like the cool thing to do. Oh some days would be easier without dogs but then we would miss thema and all their crazy ways.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, September 9

False Labour

On sunday afternoon I started having contractions at work at 4:30pm. These were relatively mild to me considering the last time I went into labour my water broke and then my contractions were fast and hard. I never had mild contractions or a gradual build up.

I figured that I would just finish work and go home and relax. I am only 31 weeks along. I called my sister to get her opinion on mild contractions. She went into early labour with very mild contractions with her daughter. She told me to the hospital. So after much debate with the hubby and we also finished cooking dinner. We went.

It turned out to be only braxton Hicks. But it was really cool to watch the heart rate on the monitor.

All in All a pretty eventful night. Unfortunatly Q and I are both ready for the baby......still have to wait another 7 weeks. :(

Wednesday, September 2

So Tired!

Now I know why there are many people who have only had 2 kids. The exhastion that hits you in the third trimester has just hit me! It is such an affort to do anything other then sit on the couch and knit. I fell asleep on hubby last night while watching a movie, and gave him so drool too! Luckly he doesn't mind!

I wonder if anyone else has the exhastion like this?