Wednesday, September 9

False Labour

On sunday afternoon I started having contractions at work at 4:30pm. These were relatively mild to me considering the last time I went into labour my water broke and then my contractions were fast and hard. I never had mild contractions or a gradual build up.

I figured that I would just finish work and go home and relax. I am only 31 weeks along. I called my sister to get her opinion on mild contractions. She went into early labour with very mild contractions with her daughter. She told me to the hospital. So after much debate with the hubby and we also finished cooking dinner. We went.

It turned out to be only braxton Hicks. But it was really cool to watch the heart rate on the monitor.

All in All a pretty eventful night. Unfortunatly Q and I are both ready for the baby......still have to wait another 7 weeks. :(

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