Friday, February 6



January: Boost Energy & Vitality

  • Take vitamins- Pretty good, the kids have helped us to remember, I am thinking about buying on of those pill things for everyday and set them all out
  • Kids take vitamins- same as above
  • Sleep @ 10:30 pm- i had a good 4 days in a row of this and felt great, need to work on it more, starting tonight, aim for 7 straight days
  • Kids sleep @ 7:30 pm-not happening 8 it is
  • Act more energetic
  • Sentence a day- most day, need to remember
  • Bedroom- decorate/ organize- did not get to this, can try this weekend

This week has been really good so far. Tired but I have been running alot, getting used to running 4 days week instead of 3.  I have run 305 km since September.

The boys have had a great week!  Playing lots and we have been spending time together reading and playing games.  I am getting really good at slowing down and enjoying the kids and Q.

Happy Friday

Wednesday, February 4

Half Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2 training:

Monday: 3 miles, shoulders, abs,
Wednesday-3 miles, leg, chest, tri, abs
Thursday-Back and biceps
Friday-3 miles, shoulders, abs
Sun-4 miles

So far so good, I am tired today but feeling good, last week I ended up running fri, sat , sun all in a row because of other things that came up.

I am going to try to wake up early to run in the am before anything else comes up.

Cy has a front loose tooth!

Cy also had lice, I cleaned and scoured all Monday.  So far I have no been able to find anymore, shaving his head helped.