Friday, June 20

New Pics!

Usually it takes so long for my computer to upload pictures so I do not bother. Only when I can remember, which is not very often.
Today I have some great garden pics to show the new flowers from Kim and Devon (see last post).

I finished my holiday shopping yesterday finally! I love stuff on sale! I also had the best service at Frozen Ocean in canmore. I called to see how late they were open and the lady said she usually stays until the last customer. Also she asked me what I was looking for and found them for me right there on the phone! Then she waited until I got there to close, held baby while I tried them on and was so friendly and helpful. A great place to shop. Oh and shorts on sale! Yay! 2 sleeps until Hawaii!

Tuesday, June 17

Thanks Kim & Devon!

Today Devon my brother, and his girlfriend Kim took me to the nursery to buy me plants for my birthday! Yay! I got some really neat ones. A green pepper plant, and a jalapeno plant! Devon also got a jalapeno plant! They will be really neat when they have fruit! And Kim got a cilantro plant, she eats it but not too much!

I placed the plants in the garden where I want them but no planting, it started to rain and baby was being grumpy. Teeth again or maby he is really excited for Hawaii, on Sunday!

Thanks Kim and Devon for the plants! They look great! Come and check thme out! Pictures up soon!

Sunday, June 15

Teething Sucks!

Yesterday baby and I went to Calgary to shop with my sisters and my brother's girlfriend for Hawaii, only 1 week away!

Poor baby was having a really bad day.. Lately naps are 2hrs at 12:30 is which works out really great, all baby did yesterday was 2 cat naps (20 min or less) untill 11pm when we went to bed. He was so tired and cranky, crying and generally sad. A very bad day for shopping, not much was bought, and not very fun because of the cranky baby! In hindsight we should have gone home after the first cry!