Friday, June 20

New Pics!

Usually it takes so long for my computer to upload pictures so I do not bother. Only when I can remember, which is not very often.
Today I have some great garden pics to show the new flowers from Kim and Devon (see last post).

I finished my holiday shopping yesterday finally! I love stuff on sale! I also had the best service at Frozen Ocean in canmore. I called to see how late they were open and the lady said she usually stays until the last customer. Also she asked me what I was looking for and found them for me right there on the phone! Then she waited until I got there to close, held baby while I tried them on and was so friendly and helpful. A great place to shop. Oh and shorts on sale! Yay! 2 sleeps until Hawaii!

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HollyLynne said...

ooh, hawaii!!! you're probably on your way now . . . hope you have a fantastic vacation!!!