Tuesday, January 18


Q got the new job in Calgary and it is GOOD! The only problem is that he starts work at 6:50 am so he leaves here at 5:30am! It's a whole hr to drive to work for Q.

We have started looking at renting a place in the city. Tonight Q is looking at a place that's very affordable and in a great location ( huge dog park and rec center nearby) tonight. My mom is going to rent out our house because our house is 5 min from her work and then she can get a dog.

I am excited but at the same time a bit apprehensive because this valley is the only place I have ever lived. I did live in Ontario for a couple years but I was a baby so I do not remember.
I am excited to go somewhere else but I am a creature that likes her familiar and routine.

Thursday, January 13

It's -25 celcius out! If I start dressing the kids now we might make it to playgroup in 40min! Plus I need my bazillion layers too!

Oh how I wish I lived in HAWAII!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12

Ter just walked away from me in the bedroom and waved bye bye! Sooooooo cute!

Tuesday, January 11

This past weekend we went swimming in Cochrane. The pool was the best pool i have ever been to. There was a family change room so we all could go in together. Then there were 3 pools a little dude pool a bigger kid pool and then a regular big pool. And a hot tub too! We had so much fun and I cannot wait until we go again!

Cy was able to go under water and hold his breath! He was swimming underwater!

Q got the new job so we are thinking about renting a house in Cochrane because its so much closer... then I will be closer to the pool!

Thursday, January 6


Note to self: Don not feed baby chili for dinner if you expect to get any sleep!

Today Cy was playing with an old phone of Q's. I said " you could call daddy" he siad "i'm just pressing the okay button" i said "how do you know its the ok button?" he said" because k...o spells ok!"

That was the first word that Cy has ever read on his own! Even though t was backwards he still knew what it said. Crazy!

Also this past week Ter said " out" . He loves to put things in and out, so that made sense to be one of his first words. Also he says daddy, mom, mama,mommy, oww, wow, in, yes"

Today we went to play group and the boys had a ball. Again Cy made it to the potty but his pee pee was aimed poorly so he got his pants wet. Soon I hope he can pee standing up then we will not have this problem.

I am attempting to get my laundry finished today... again! It just seems to creep up on you!

5 hrs later... I got all my clean laundry put away! Yay and I am putting a huge dent into the dirty laundry pile.

We found out daddy got his new job with almost double the wage and benefits too. Yahoo!

I am looking forward to a good sleep after a bit of knitting... now a hat for Cy...