Thursday, April 18


We recently changed dayhomes.  Our old one was way up in the peaks of Grassi.  It added 16 min my drive every morning each way.

The new one is much closer, and I am able to drop the boys off earlier so I can work 8-4 instead of 8:30-4:30.  These times will work out better when Cy and T are on the bus for school.

They really love their new dayhome.. they never want to leave!

Long week but the stress level is going down!

Wednesday, April 17

Garden Update

4 of the 6 manitoba tomatoes are doing really well.  3 of the sasha roma tomatoes are up and doing ok.

Q planted 3 giant pumpkins today.

I replanted 3 yellow peppers and 2 red peppers.

I planted 36 corn in the little pots.

More to be planted tomorrow!  It seems a bit slow this year but I have hopes!

Wednesday, April 10


I was feeling a bit sick yesterday at work.  I couldn't finish my coffee or eat more then a few bites of itchy ban.

Then last night I was up puking the whole night.  I couldn't even keep water down!  This morning I called in sick to work, but my dayhome lady also called saying her kids have a fever.  And that she cannot take the boys.

So... sick mama sleeping on couch while boys run wild circles around me!

I txt my dayhome lady to ask her that everything is good for tomorrow and she tells me that she has to go to Calgary tomorrow and will not be able to pick Cy up or take Teris! WTF.

I guess Q will just have to take a day off of work,  because I cannot miss another day!

Monday, April 8


I am up at 6 am to drink coffee and generally feel like a real human by the time I need to wake the boys at 6:45.  It is still snowing outside!  It's April 8, I know we live in the mountains and such, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

I wish the sun would come out today... not tomorrow!  Oh well I will just go and sniff my tomato seedlings, they are my summer drug.  The smell of the dirt and plant is sooooo nice.

Happy sniffing to you all!

Sunday, April 7


We took the boys to the movie theater today for the first time!  They did so well, T couldn't take his eyes away from the movie the whole time... he forgot that he had treats too.  We watched the Croods, a great cartoon movie for the whole family.  Very funny.

We will be taking the boys to the movies again.... just not all the time.  A treat for sure.  The boys did so well quietly watching and sitting in their seats.  The couple siting next to us even commented on how good the boys were.

Then Cy and I took the boys for a walk when we got home... he held Rox himself the whole time.  We had a really nice walk, a mama and cy date.

Then tonight before bed we put Cy's tooth under his pillow that he had taken out when he went to the dentist... we forgot to send it to the tooth fairy.  He will be so surprised in the morning!

Saturday, April 6

Cat Scratch fever

Woke up this morning from my cat stabbing me in the leg with all four of her claws!  Good morning to you too!

Friday, April 5

Locked In

Today I had a dentist appt to fill 3 cavities.  Hate the dentist but a new Dentist bought my old dentists practice and I really like her.  She was very nice and gentle.  Only 1 needle, it only took 5 hrs for the freezing to wear off.... but at least my eye ball didn't freeze this time.... yep that does happen.

Then we went to Calgary to pick up Q's bike,  he really missed it.. like his right arm.  Every time a bike drove by he pointed it out and got a pouty lip. He he he :)

We stopped at a park in Cochrane on the way home... we are often in a rush when we go to the city and the boys get ancy and tired of being in the car.. but we often run out of time before we take them to a park or walk.  Today we promised we would hit a park and we went to the one that we always see from the road.  It's a really big one with so many parts to climb on and play with.  A few little boy (10) were checking out Q's bike and dreaming of their own.

I ran into the knitting store before they closed to pick up some needles for the socks I started knitting from THIS.  The knitting goodies were in the basement and the lady almost locked me in before they closed.... not like I would mind, the store was a knitting candy store!  Beautiful colors and so many pretty patterns to choose from...

Tonight I will be eating bagels and working on my first pair of socks... then getting some well earned sleep!

Thursday, April 4

The Seed March Begins!

Last Friday I planted 12 tomato seeds, 6 Roma, and 6 Manitoba.  The Manitoba are the same ones from last year that did sooooo well.  In fact I still have 2 huge bags of frozen tomatoes in the freezer that I am going to use before I plant these ones in the ground. (June 1)

By Monday 8 of the tomatoes had sprouted!  I replanted the other 4 (only 75% germination rate) and put the whole mess under the grow op lights Q brought up from the basement.

I love spring!  The birdies are chirping, the sun is warm, the blizzard is blowing...WHAT?  The blizzard is blowing?  Yep yesterday it snowed pretty much the whole day.  It did not get that cold, but it was snowing.  Which is unusual even for there at this point in the spring.  Next week we are looking at flurries too and more rain.  I am soo glad that we have our new wood stove installed and safety inspected... Love my wood stove.

Yesterday T was a little sicky boy with puking, and sicky bum.  I hate when they feel like that!  There is not much you can do.  Just extra cuddles and bed.  After a good nap yesterday and a mellow morning he felt much better (except for his bum :(

For the seeds this year I made little paper cups out of newspaper instead of buying anything.  They were really easy and fun to make!  Check them out her