Sunday, April 7


We took the boys to the movie theater today for the first time!  They did so well, T couldn't take his eyes away from the movie the whole time... he forgot that he had treats too.  We watched the Croods, a great cartoon movie for the whole family.  Very funny.

We will be taking the boys to the movies again.... just not all the time.  A treat for sure.  The boys did so well quietly watching and sitting in their seats.  The couple siting next to us even commented on how good the boys were.

Then Cy and I took the boys for a walk when we got home... he held Rox himself the whole time.  We had a really nice walk, a mama and cy date.

Then tonight before bed we put Cy's tooth under his pillow that he had taken out when he went to the dentist... we forgot to send it to the tooth fairy.  He will be so surprised in the morning!

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