Thursday, April 4

The Seed March Begins!

Last Friday I planted 12 tomato seeds, 6 Roma, and 6 Manitoba.  The Manitoba are the same ones from last year that did sooooo well.  In fact I still have 2 huge bags of frozen tomatoes in the freezer that I am going to use before I plant these ones in the ground. (June 1)

By Monday 8 of the tomatoes had sprouted!  I replanted the other 4 (only 75% germination rate) and put the whole mess under the grow op lights Q brought up from the basement.

I love spring!  The birdies are chirping, the sun is warm, the blizzard is blowing...WHAT?  The blizzard is blowing?  Yep yesterday it snowed pretty much the whole day.  It did not get that cold, but it was snowing.  Which is unusual even for there at this point in the spring.  Next week we are looking at flurries too and more rain.  I am soo glad that we have our new wood stove installed and safety inspected... Love my wood stove.

Yesterday T was a little sicky boy with puking, and sicky bum.  I hate when they feel like that!  There is not much you can do.  Just extra cuddles and bed.  After a good nap yesterday and a mellow morning he felt much better (except for his bum :(

For the seeds this year I made little paper cups out of newspaper instead of buying anything.  They were really easy and fun to make!  Check them out her

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