Sunday, June 26

Fitness Update

Last friday I was able to do a workout... my first since I could the dreaded never ending cold. But I follow the bodyrock program so no workout yesterday and today. We went for a huge walk at the dog park with the dogs. Cyrus brought his new bike.. and did a great job! It only took a few tries until he was able to break and travel down small hills.

Tomorrow I will jump back onto the bodyrock bandwagon and eating the as diet way. Even after 2 weeks of no workout I was able to maintain my abs and m weight, using my diet alone...

Next I will have a 6 pk and the pic I put on facebook will be reality and not a dream.. :)

Saturday, June 25

A Day in Pictures

A Day in Pictures

8 am





1pm-t naptime








Monday, June 20


Last night at 3:33am we were woken up by the sound of Q's truck stalling, some f#&%$s stole his truck with all his tools in it!

Lucky we saw it happen and called the police, they called us at 5 am saying they found it and most of the tools were still in it! The tools that were in the front seat were gone, the table saw and drill set. The police had seen the very unique truck and chased it into a sketchy part of the city.

The police even picked up Q and took him to the truck to bring it home. A better ending then it could have been.