Wednesday, June 8

We all had a great weekend out in the East of Canada at the wedding of hubby's brother. It was soooooooo much fun!

We flew in really early Friday morning (landed at 12am) so we all slept in until 10 ish. Then Grandma and I went to Walshart to get some groceries. Then we got ready for the wedding rehersal. It went really well with all the kids having a great time and Cy practicing his ring carrying. We all went out for chinese buffet after and soo yummy.

The day of the wedding at about 10am the weather turned really nasty. A huge thunder shower that seemed to be right over the house. It lasted for a few hours but broke just before the wedding started. It was a beautiful ceremony in a church with a bird's nest for cy to hold the rings in as he walked down the asile with the little cutie flower girl. After the wedding we all headed over to the springer house for yummy food, and lots of dancing! The boys and I danced all night long (2 am) then we all crashed until about 10 ish.

The nest day there was a bbq at Q's parents house and all the family came over to hang out and let the kids play. It was a great ending to a great weekend. Now we are thinking of possibly moving out there next year to see the family more...

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