Thursday, December 26

Kitchen Organization 2013

It's getting there!  I still have a long way to go... but it's a good start.  Now what to do with that deep cabinet  above the fridge?

Sunday, December 1


 Decorating the tree!

 Building puzzles
 Watching the stage west christmas show...
 Making friends at the next table
 Big boy with Santa
 Cy asked Santa " how are you?" sooo cute
 Roxy loves her new sweater
 Cy writing to Santa our Day 1 on the advent list

 T writing to Santa.. we started a new advent.. 24 days of activities... stay tuned to see whats next!

Friday, November 29


I am not sure where november went this year...
We set up our tree last weekend so our house is looking very festive.

We just received our $1500 dollar order of popcorn to deliver to all the people.. T was buried under popcorn in Q's car on the way home....

The boys are so excited for x-mas....

We have revisited a very important question....

Our budget is looking very happy these days... we vow to never enter debt again!

Here are a few pics... I have been very slacky of late.... much too busy.

The boys brush their own teeth now!  It seems that its a very big ste


Tuesday, November 12

Wednesday, October 23

Sick day

Sick day today..... sore stomach, exhasted, cy has sicky bum= lego, magazine knitting day....

Hope this goes away but has been a great hang out pj day....

T birthday party at the pool on saturday!

Wishing that I could workout even thought I feel crappy...maybe yoga...

Ah to buid lego, then take apart... what could be better?

Sunday, October 13

Teris @ 4

Loves Umi Zumi, Ironman
Favorite color is blue
Loves to play at park and throw rocks in river
always up to see something new
very particular about what he wears
loves yellow rain jacket, hates blue one
Loves to swim
models sunglasses
loves lego and puzzles
following brother around
loves christmas lights and painting
can't wait to go to school too
like circ and logan at daycare

Cyrus at 6 years old!

Cy's favorite color is rainbow
Cy loves lego and building
Cy loves to stump me with rhyming games and adding games in the car
Cy loves to bike, swim, and hike
Cy is great at finger knitting 
Cy loves Beaver Scouts
He loves transformers and goofy kid shows
Jake and the neverland pirates
Has a great sense of style

Wednesday, October 9


When Cy was born... he was loud and huge and perfect

When Cy was 1....he crawled into the kitchen cupboard, and I couldn't find him.

When Cy was 2....we went for a walk around Grotto Pond and enjoyed a great afternoon just the 2 of us...before T

When Cy was 3....he made a house from foam floor letter tiles and played in it all afternoon

when Cy was 4....he was riding circles around the house on his tricycle

When Cy was 5... he wanted to start the bedtime story he started " I want Candy..."

Friday, September 27

Boys thiS week

They just looked really cute yesterday morning so I had to take a pic!


Tomorrow the boys and I are going hiking at Bg hill Springs... I am very excited, its been 2 years since we were there...
It was cold today and I have the fire going.. hope it keeps me warm in bed too because the Q is at a back country hut with his parents so I have no in bed heater. :(

Went to physio today, they should provide pieces of leather to bite on, she was able to straighten my hips, they were crooked, who knew?  Also my glutes were so tight they were pulling my leg and hip out of alignement...It hurts so bad when she is doing it but feels so good after.. I get a break next week cause my spot was booked! Yay 1 week off.

sore and tired.. bath then greys anatomy and knitting? or knitting then just sleep....? Not sure how long I will last....

Thursday, August 22

Boys this week

The boys were looking really cute yesterday morning!  All bundled up in sweaters because the mornings have gotten very chilly lately.

With the chilly mornings and the holiday approaching I am a little worried about the corn and the pumpkins... I hope they do ok while we are gone.
My brother has agreed to come and check all the garden and make sure the kitties have not eaten eachother.

We are driving to Tafino, leaving tomorrow night... I cannot wait but I almost wished we had ore time because we are not ready yet.
I am going to start some laundry now before work and before I wake up the little dudes...

Also we stared the envelope method of budgeting... Last week was our first week.  We  made it... just had to do some adjusting in the budget....
We are starting week 2 with only 162 for food and 55.75 for extra...

Wish us luck...

Monday, August 12

Knit Along...

I am reading Taken.... I have just started it... I am really interested in it.
Knitting a sweater for T, my first big try at cables!

Hooking up with the Yarn Along... over at Small Things Blog

Boys this week Aug 2-12

Ter with his painted face :)

ter cupcakes, all sprinkles all the time

by pinterest challenge done....

multicolor carrots from garden

Cupcake decorating!  half green and half red

New sparkly water colors... for paper?

Poor Ter bear had a nightmare...but Daddy made him feel better

Thursday, August 1

Boys this week!

Cy pulled a recipe out of a magazine to make worms in dirt at home.  Pudding with candy worms and oreo crumbs on top to look like dirt.
The boys made it themselves and loved it!

Also my Uncle Jim passed away last thursday.  He was a really nice man,  I will miss him.  
The girls at work brought me a plant.

Cy is loving modeling lately... I have to remember to get some clay that he can build stuff with and let dry...

Overall a really good week leading into the long weekend... having fun being creative with the boys and around the house:)

Pinterest Challenge- Day 5

Still working on the flower canvas art.  Cut a ton of petals!  Am way to tired of petals, and another layer of red paint!

Wednesday, July 31

30 days of pinterest #3 and #4

Started these wall art from this post :
canvas wall art

also made some of this:
Homemade pancake mix

Yesterday seemed like the longest day at work, I had no motivation and I really didn't feel like helping anyone with getting their shit done!  I have lost my interest...maybe today will be better.
The boys were so energetic when we got home, they ran all over the yard playing "easter egg hunt" with rocks.  Then when I was making dinner they were chasing eachother at top speed through the kitchen and sliding into the bathroom.  Not sure what they had for lunch but ut certainly gave them energy.

GG is coming tonight to stay over before she leaves for Australia for an undetermined amount of time...
Miss her already :(

Time to get ready for work,   hopefully I will not spill my coffee today!

Monday, July 29

30 Days of Pinterest....Day 2-Orange Marmalade

Last night Cy was sick so I stayed home from work.

I was able to make Orange Marmalade from this:

Pray that it sets!

30 DAYS OF PINTEREST Day 1& Boys this week

Every day for 30 days I will do an activity or craft that I have pinned on my board on PINTERST.
I figure I have so many things that I have pinned that I better get started on doing some of them...

Last night I made a window star from this pin:

Boys This Week
The boys week of 22-29
Our day at the science center July 27, 2013
Our first time! Butterflies, water and music making!

Monday, July 22

Boys the week of- 14-21

Here are the boys after they had their faces painted for the first time at a friend's birthday party.