Friday, May 23


Q took Cy for a walk on the weekend as they started out Cy said Dada! Q was so excited, and cy has said it again many times! Awsome.
Since Cy said Mama so early (a few months ago!) Q was a bit sad that Dada was not said yet, No more!
Today there was a huge milestone passed, for Mama! I have finished all the laundry, the last load is in the dryer as I write this, also all the previous loads are put away! I have not seen the end of the laundry since the beginning of time!

I will do a load every morning, and put away during the day so that the laundry will never get out of hand again! It was insaine. Laundry is a big problem for alot of people. Just getting on top of it is great!
Yay Me!

Cy also did some new and very cool stuff today. I put him in his crib (which he never sleeps in, just for play). I placed the broom handle across the crib bar, after a few times cy got the idea to hold on. Now he can pull himself all the way up to standing! Wait there's more! Then he lets go of the bar and holds on to the end of the crib all by himself! I was so excited the first time he did this, I am so proud of my little genius. Oh and he he not 8 months old until June 5!

Wednesday, May 14

Tick City

Lately our house has been having some very unwelcome guests! Ticks, ticks and more ticks.
It started out inocently enough....some ticks crawling around the house, and even one in the car! Then things went downhill from there. Last week I found a HUGE tick on my dog Taffee. It was nasty and since I am very squeemish I took him to the vet. I used to work at the vet clinic and I love the vet Ian. He also has two little adorable boys. He took care of the ticks for me. (He found another one while I was there). Karen, another vet, helped out, thank-you Karen.

I bought Advantix, a tick killer that goes on the dogs then all the ticks just fall off, or so I thought. Until today when I was shaving our other dog, Kyowan, I found another HUGE one, are there any smaller ticks out there? Apparantly for up to 6 weeks after you apply to bug killer you have to take off the ticks yourself, they do not just fall off. Therefore I am shaving them so none of them can get HUGE before I see them. So long Suckers!

Granmpa came to the rescue with a large pair of pliers. I love my daddy, thank-you so much for your bravery!

So watch out for ticks this year, apparantly they are everywhere!

Sunday, May 11

Mommy's Day!

Currently Daddy and Baby are taking a nap which leaves me time to write this blog! Yay!

Daddy helped Cy write "I love u mom" on a piece of paper with scribbles! The best mommy's day present ever.

We also went out for breakfast at "The Summit", a small coffee shop cafe locally run by friends of ours! We have not been there in a really long time for food so it was great to see everybody.

It's raining now but we plan to drive to Banff and go for a walk later with the dogs and do some window shopping! I love window shopping, almost as good as the real thing but much better on the pocket book.

Today we also managed to do the baby foot print clay thing that we keep forgetting about! It's not dry yet but here are some pics from the play part.

Happy Mommie's Day to all Mothers!

I love you Mom, you are the best Mommy, I appreciate you so much more now that I am a mother too!

Thursday, May 8

Spring Snow!

It is snowing here yet again, my tulips look really good thought, peeking out from the white stuff. I just hope they do not get scared and decide to hibernate for good! Not much time here to write but busy weekend ahead!

My two sisters and brother are turning 27 on the 12th. Yes they are triplets. My other sister turned 29 on the 7th. We are all going out for dinner in Calgary tomorrow! I am excited! Should be so much fun. Also my brother's girlfriend's mother (keep up with me here) is also having her birthday so she is joining us! Huge party!

Some new pic here!

Saturday, May 3


All the ladies in the family (including all babies, of course) went to the big mall in Calgary. I am so over malls, I was tired of all the people and the brutal consumerism after about 2 hrs.

I grew up on malls, that is where we went to get clothes. I have 4 siblings so at the mall we could always find something for everyone. Lately my attention span has greatly diminished, not to mention that Cy is his daddy's son, because his attention span for shopping is very little. In out that is all he has time for, none of this trying on or wandering from store to store.

I really love to shop. I love to spend money, I love new things! I love trying stuff on! Unfortunately at the moment money is a bit tight since we are going on a huge family holiday at the end of june to Hawaii. I hope to be able to break my consumer tendancies by then. (I hope so!)

Wish me luck!