Sunday, May 11

Mommy's Day!

Currently Daddy and Baby are taking a nap which leaves me time to write this blog! Yay!

Daddy helped Cy write "I love u mom" on a piece of paper with scribbles! The best mommy's day present ever.

We also went out for breakfast at "The Summit", a small coffee shop cafe locally run by friends of ours! We have not been there in a really long time for food so it was great to see everybody.

It's raining now but we plan to drive to Banff and go for a walk later with the dogs and do some window shopping! I love window shopping, almost as good as the real thing but much better on the pocket book.

Today we also managed to do the baby foot print clay thing that we keep forgetting about! It's not dry yet but here are some pics from the play part.

Happy Mommie's Day to all Mothers!

I love you Mom, you are the best Mommy, I appreciate you so much more now that I am a mother too!

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HollyLynne said...

oh my gosh, the scribbled note sounds so sweet, best idea ever! your husband deserves a gold star :)