Wednesday, May 14

Tick City

Lately our house has been having some very unwelcome guests! Ticks, ticks and more ticks.
It started out inocently enough....some ticks crawling around the house, and even one in the car! Then things went downhill from there. Last week I found a HUGE tick on my dog Taffee. It was nasty and since I am very squeemish I took him to the vet. I used to work at the vet clinic and I love the vet Ian. He also has two little adorable boys. He took care of the ticks for me. (He found another one while I was there). Karen, another vet, helped out, thank-you Karen.

I bought Advantix, a tick killer that goes on the dogs then all the ticks just fall off, or so I thought. Until today when I was shaving our other dog, Kyowan, I found another HUGE one, are there any smaller ticks out there? Apparantly for up to 6 weeks after you apply to bug killer you have to take off the ticks yourself, they do not just fall off. Therefore I am shaving them so none of them can get HUGE before I see them. So long Suckers!

Granmpa came to the rescue with a large pair of pliers. I love my daddy, thank-you so much for your bravery!

So watch out for ticks this year, apparantly they are everywhere!

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