Saturday, May 3


All the ladies in the family (including all babies, of course) went to the big mall in Calgary. I am so over malls, I was tired of all the people and the brutal consumerism after about 2 hrs.

I grew up on malls, that is where we went to get clothes. I have 4 siblings so at the mall we could always find something for everyone. Lately my attention span has greatly diminished, not to mention that Cy is his daddy's son, because his attention span for shopping is very little. In out that is all he has time for, none of this trying on or wandering from store to store.

I really love to shop. I love to spend money, I love new things! I love trying stuff on! Unfortunately at the moment money is a bit tight since we are going on a huge family holiday at the end of june to Hawaii. I hope to be able to break my consumer tendancies by then. (I hope so!)

Wish me luck!

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HollyLynne said...

If you're in Alberta, then you must have been to THE MALL in Edmonton . . . My dad's family is from there. :)