Sunday, March 30

Raptors Float

Today we took baby to the pool for the first time. He loved it and proceded to wiggle and splash for a whole hour. Baby makes this great squaking sound that sounds like a raptor call. Floating on his back while he did it!

Daddy got a ball in the head, and we saw my prenatal yoga teacher and her baby, Kaya, and her husband. So cute. Kaya was really trying to grab baby face, so cute. She is 7 months and he is 6, going for an older woman!

Cutie Pie

Snow day in March

Today I was going to work in the yard a bit and on the garden but the weather gods had other ideas. Snow, snow and more snow. Almost 1/2 a foot here in our small little town. Makes for a beautiful quiet walk with the dogs and baby though. Seems noone else felt the same way, since I did not see anyone on my walk at all.
Watched the hockey game tonight. Battle of alberta Calgary Flames versus Edmonton Oilers. Oilers won this one but Calgary will come back next time, I hope. Baby watched and had alot of fun with grandpa and grandma. Grandma bought Baby a boobah. A little character that apparently has a t.v show. Very cute though, baby has a book at home where they dance around, soon he will be able to dance along. He is able to hold himself up holding your hands or on a table. Also he is really trying to crawl and is starting to get really frustrated when he is on tummy time because he wants to move but he is unable to crawl. Soon! I can't wait, I believe that it will be so cute.

Thursday, March 27

10 Great Things of Today 27th

1. Walking with husband.

After work hubby came home and we bundled up baby, got the dogs and went for a nice walk around the block. We always talk about going for more walks but we rarely seem to follow through. It was a nice change.

2. Baby's first teeth brushing.

Well the two first teeth needed some attention. Brushing baby teeth is very similar to brushing dog teeth. Lots of squirming and yelling but a fun challenge all the same.

3. Great soil.

I started REALLY digging in the soon to be vegetable garden to find that the soil is awsome! Almost black with the right amount of moisture and great texture awsome!

4. Feeling of accomplishment.

After really wining about how dirty and disorganized my house is I realized that I could do alot more work towards making it more comfortable. Now I sit in a clean livingroom, with a clean kitchen, and I get to crawl into a MADE bed later.

5. Visiting with grandpa.

Watching my father get down on the floor with baby and have a great time making him laugh and rolling around is awsome! I love that I am close with my parents so they can enjoy our baby too!

6. Baby bath time.

Giving baby a bath while he tried to splash as much water on the floor, me, and the walls is just the way it's spose to be and I wouldn't have it any other way. He loves the bubbles and always manages to give himself a bubble beard!

7. Mommy bath time.
Nothing feels better or more relaxing then a hot bath, even if baby is sitting next to me in his bouncy chair, a bath or shower has become the most relaxing thing I can do for myself since becomming a mother. I never really appreciated how great a bath can be until now.

8. Oreos.
Yep here it is floks I am completely addicted to sugar and double stuffed oreos are at the top of my list.

9. Snow.
I was digging in the garden today when it started to snow. The light dry stuff. It was neat to be working in dirt when the winter is really trying to hang on, plus snow smells fresh and awsome.

10. Snuggling.
The last feeding of the baby in bed is always a time for snuggling. My hubby cuddles in close and we all just relax and reflect on the day. Cuddling and snuggling rule!

Tuesday, March 25

Go Flames Go!

This is baby's first hockey game with daddy, 1 day old!
Tonight the Calgary Flames beat the Vancouver Canucks! Yahoo! One more step towards stanley. Go Flames Go!
Baby is not having a very couple of days because of his new two chicklets that emerged yesterday, poor baby.

Monday, March 24

my cutie chewing on the teeth!

Day of Firsts

Today was a very busy day for baby. While we were driving home from the grocery store he said Mama! I am so excited. It is really early for him because he is so young. 5 1/2 months! He has been very verbal lately, and Mama just popped out! Yay! Since then he has said the majic words two more times! I have my sister over the phone as witness.
Also today later baby was being very fussy and generally upset so I checked the progress of his teeth with my finger, and people we have break through! The two bottom front teeth have made the great apperance! So exciting since he has been drooling like there is no tomorrow since 3 months old!
One more item concludes our day of firsts. My husband got his 1970 motor bike running (finally) yesterday. So today he took me out for my first motor bike ride ever! It was awsome, a bit scary, but the best ride ever! I can't wait until h teaches me how to ride it myself, tomorrow....
P.S My sink is clean!

Sunday, March 23

Disaster Sweet Disaster

I had no idea that when I grew up I would be living in a disaster. I seem to be completely unable to keep my house clean. I always walk into a huge disaster when I get home.

The cycle goes something like this: ack! Huge mess must clean, 5 hrs later the house sparkles, next day; too tired to clean and I take a week off; ack! Huge mess must clean; 5 hrs later the house sparkles, ect, ect ,ect!
I discovered the Fly Lady! Awsome website with a ton of wisdom. I am going to try her method to keep the house clean. A little every day. Wish me luck!
The first step is to go shine my kitchen sink. Here I go!

Saturday, March 22

10 Great Things of Today

1. Family get togethers.
Easter big family get togethers. My husband, baby and I. My parents. My thee sistes, one's husband and baby. My brother and his girlfriend. My aunt and uncle from Australia and various pets!

2. Morning coffee with cinnamon. Yum!
The best way to have coffee, nothing beats that first cup in the morning with the hint of cinnamon yummy! We picked this tip up from a coffee shop in Jasper, Alberta on a climbing trip.

3. Girly bonding. Shopping with my three sisters and the babies in banff.

4. Flames Hockey. Game against Minnesota, Flames ahead so far, maby the playoffs this year, another reason for big get togethers.

5. Baby wearing/cuddling. Nothing beats the cuddle wrap, cozy baby with hands free, almost!

6. Gifts from sisters. One sister bought my gas after we talked about my lack of excess funds.

7. New mommy life talks. Talking to sister and finding out everything we go through is the same, so avice goes back and forth

8. Thai chicken bites. Yumy from boston pizza, they make my noes sweat but I love them

9. Cuddling with husbands. He became my chair for the hocky game, he smells great, and you can't help but kiss when you are that close, reminds me of our many cuddles before baby.

10. Motor bikes that run! Husbands bike 1970 that he bought 2 years ago, he got it running finally all by himself, that's awsome. I am so proud that he is very mechanically inclined!

Looking at the upside of life!

Baby's First Easter

Baby's first easter was great! The whole family got together at grandmas's house. Including my Aunt S and Uncle D from Australia who just reciently moved back here. Because of this Baby had lipstick in his hair, and I also had lipstick stuck on my cheek. Did I tell you that my aunt wears way too much lipstick! Hot pink with purple liner, very 80's. Good thing that reciently she has worn less lipstick so Baby no longer smells like a perfume boutique after my Aunt has been holding him. Not so good for my dh because he is bothered by too strong perfume!

The food was great, roast pork, baked yams, and many salads, yummy! I was intending to make zebras (graham cracker bottom, coconut & condensed milk middle, and chocolate top. Bummer, the condensed milk was bad, good thing the lady that we know at the store gave it to us for free, no loss there. This means that I will make them tomorrow and more for dh and mommy!

One thing that noone tells you when you have a baby is that when you go out to do anything it will take you forever. I am not talking about leaving the house, I actually find that it does not take me too long to leave but once we get out time seems to speed up. Like with superman!

My sister who also has a baby, super cutie girl C. We met my other two sisters and went to 3 stores, 3 STORES! Leaving the house at 4:15, we returned at 8:30! Crazy! What did we do?

Time is different with babies, the space time continum has been tampered with by very small scientists!