Monday, March 24

Day of Firsts

Today was a very busy day for baby. While we were driving home from the grocery store he said Mama! I am so excited. It is really early for him because he is so young. 5 1/2 months! He has been very verbal lately, and Mama just popped out! Yay! Since then he has said the majic words two more times! I have my sister over the phone as witness.
Also today later baby was being very fussy and generally upset so I checked the progress of his teeth with my finger, and people we have break through! The two bottom front teeth have made the great apperance! So exciting since he has been drooling like there is no tomorrow since 3 months old!
One more item concludes our day of firsts. My husband got his 1970 motor bike running (finally) yesterday. So today he took me out for my first motor bike ride ever! It was awsome, a bit scary, but the best ride ever! I can't wait until h teaches me how to ride it myself, tomorrow....
P.S My sink is clean!

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