Thursday, March 27

10 Great Things of Today 27th

1. Walking with husband.

After work hubby came home and we bundled up baby, got the dogs and went for a nice walk around the block. We always talk about going for more walks but we rarely seem to follow through. It was a nice change.

2. Baby's first teeth brushing.

Well the two first teeth needed some attention. Brushing baby teeth is very similar to brushing dog teeth. Lots of squirming and yelling but a fun challenge all the same.

3. Great soil.

I started REALLY digging in the soon to be vegetable garden to find that the soil is awsome! Almost black with the right amount of moisture and great texture awsome!

4. Feeling of accomplishment.

After really wining about how dirty and disorganized my house is I realized that I could do alot more work towards making it more comfortable. Now I sit in a clean livingroom, with a clean kitchen, and I get to crawl into a MADE bed later.

5. Visiting with grandpa.

Watching my father get down on the floor with baby and have a great time making him laugh and rolling around is awsome! I love that I am close with my parents so they can enjoy our baby too!

6. Baby bath time.

Giving baby a bath while he tried to splash as much water on the floor, me, and the walls is just the way it's spose to be and I wouldn't have it any other way. He loves the bubbles and always manages to give himself a bubble beard!

7. Mommy bath time.
Nothing feels better or more relaxing then a hot bath, even if baby is sitting next to me in his bouncy chair, a bath or shower has become the most relaxing thing I can do for myself since becomming a mother. I never really appreciated how great a bath can be until now.

8. Oreos.
Yep here it is floks I am completely addicted to sugar and double stuffed oreos are at the top of my list.

9. Snow.
I was digging in the garden today when it started to snow. The light dry stuff. It was neat to be working in dirt when the winter is really trying to hang on, plus snow smells fresh and awsome.

10. Snuggling.
The last feeding of the baby in bed is always a time for snuggling. My hubby cuddles in close and we all just relax and reflect on the day. Cuddling and snuggling rule!

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