Saturday, March 22

Baby's First Easter

Baby's first easter was great! The whole family got together at grandmas's house. Including my Aunt S and Uncle D from Australia who just reciently moved back here. Because of this Baby had lipstick in his hair, and I also had lipstick stuck on my cheek. Did I tell you that my aunt wears way too much lipstick! Hot pink with purple liner, very 80's. Good thing that reciently she has worn less lipstick so Baby no longer smells like a perfume boutique after my Aunt has been holding him. Not so good for my dh because he is bothered by too strong perfume!

The food was great, roast pork, baked yams, and many salads, yummy! I was intending to make zebras (graham cracker bottom, coconut & condensed milk middle, and chocolate top. Bummer, the condensed milk was bad, good thing the lady that we know at the store gave it to us for free, no loss there. This means that I will make them tomorrow and more for dh and mommy!

One thing that noone tells you when you have a baby is that when you go out to do anything it will take you forever. I am not talking about leaving the house, I actually find that it does not take me too long to leave but once we get out time seems to speed up. Like with superman!

My sister who also has a baby, super cutie girl C. We met my other two sisters and went to 3 stores, 3 STORES! Leaving the house at 4:15, we returned at 8:30! Crazy! What did we do?

Time is different with babies, the space time continum has been tampered with by very small scientists!

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