Monday, April 28


Spring ususally puts a spring in my step except for today, beautiful weather. Even early when baby and I went for a walk at 8:30am! Warm and sunny. Unfortunately mommy drank a little too much wine yesteraday when we had my parents over for dinner so I am less then keen to go play outside. Not hungover, just tired, irratable, and I could sleep.

When will I ever learn? Wine=bad next day.

My friend called today and asked if we wanted to walk up spray lakes! Woe is me! I would love to and when it gets later in the day I am going to try, I hope I can make it..... Don't feel bad for the hung over mama!

Other things we are getting baby started on t.v early as you can see....He loves the pictures and really enjoys baby einstein, I love that lady that invented it, what a great idea!

I am working on new items for my shop so take a look... they should be for sale soon!

Good sunny day to everyone!

Thursday, April 24

Indie Mountain Mama Designs

I finally have created a shop on ! A place to sell my creations and make some money towards the continuation of my "stay at home mom" status!

Here are a few pics of my products, more on the way as I write this blog!

Check it out! I now have to go create! Good night everyone!

Monday, April 21


Today I finally finished a project! I constantly start craft and art projects then somewhere along the way I loose my momentum and interest and these projects never get finished. Today was different, halfway through the project I felt a little bored but I really wanted to finish today and so I did!

I made crib bumpers for baby. He is always getting his feet caught between the bars and then he screams until I come and pull him out! Very disturbing to me. I made them completely out of recycled materials. The foam inside used to be our mattress topper. The material was burp clothes, that we hardly ever use any more, plus we have hundreds it seems! The ties were ribbon that I found at the thrift store! Go me!

The bumpers turned out really good! Here is a I just have to wait for baby to wake up from his nap so I can test them out!

Sunday, April 20

Today of Days

Things around here are great at the moment. The snowfall that fell for two days straight has finally stopped and the sun came out and some of the snow is finally melting! Yahoo, maby its almost time to get back in the garden.

In the garden the tulips are popping up all over the place, they even have there buds. When the snow is gone I think that they will all bloom, beautiful red, I cannot wait. Now all I have to do is put up a little fence to keep the dogs out of the garden, quite a few of my tulips have been squished by a misplaced doggy bum.

I planted the tomato seeds inside last tuesday and they are sprouting all over. I can't wait until I have real tomato plants. Patience is a vrtue.

Baby slept on his own crib last night for 6 hours. After that he woke up to feed and I was too tired to get up and put him to sleep so I kept him in our large bed. I love the cuddles.

I am trying to wean myself off the baby since he sleeps on his own with no problem, just to me he is too far away!

Watching the hockey game now, Flames, I hope they win, happy sun night everyone!

Friday, April 18

Silence April 18th 2008

Silence is golden. This has never been more true when you become a mother. Before I used to always have music on, or a movie playing on the t.v in the background. Now I sit here in the big comfy chair and look out the window at the falling snow enjoying the silence. Baby is sleeping, and has been asleep since 9:30am when we went for a walk. I think he is teething his two front teeth because he is extra chewy, grumpy, drooly and has the telltale red spots on his cheeks.

After such a loud and busy day yesterday, I welcome the snow that makes me stay at home (the roads are awful). It also gives me an excuse to stay home and hibernate. Even though I never usually want to hibernate when it snows in April, usually I am frustrated at the drawn out winter. Not today....Silence is golden.

Baby seems to feel the same way, asleep and quiet. My tiny one.

Wednesday, April 16

10 Greats

1. Feet
Hubby and I called his parents and left a cute message on their machine. I nibbled on baby's feet and he laughed! He has the most ticklish feet ever!
2. Harvest
In our town there is a cafe called Harvest. They have the best food, I had tomato soup that made me close my eyes in bliss!
3. Cheap Movies
We scoured the racks in the used movie/music store and found an old Jackie Chan movie for husband and a romance for me!
4. Walking
Baby and I finally were able to get together with Bailey and her mom for a walk, the baby's are never on the same schedule. We walked for 2 hours and stopped and played at the park too!
5. Husband
Yesterday husband bought me tomato, sunflower, and yellow bean seeds! I planted the tomato ones today inside. I hope they grow, he is so thoughtful. Also we went for a walk after dinner, I really enjoy our quality family time.
6. Gardening
Planted tomato seeds inside, can't wait until it get warmer so I can play more in the garden getting it ready.
7. Clean House
The last few days I have been keeping on top of neatening up the house, so much more comfortable!
8. Shower
Husband hung up the shower curtain, down since November, I am really looking foreward to a shower tomorrow morning.
9. Pampering
I had my hair cut today at the place of my last job, hair washing rules, so relaxing, no more pony tales.
10. Strength
I did my trouble spots workout tonight, I am feeling stronger 9 days in.

Tuesday, April 15

New Schedule

The last few days and by that I mean yesterday and today I have been trying out a new schedule for baby. Well I say new one but I really mean a schedule at all. Before that I had no idea when baby would nap and I would pray that he would sleep at night before 11pm. Too many nights of baby still awake at 11:30 and ready to play when all I want to do is sleep led me towards a schedule.
Nothing too restrictive, wake, play, walk , nap, go out, play, nap, dinner, play, bath @9pm, then feed and bed. Well the first day in it worked really well, bath at 9:15 some food and baby was asleep by 10pm! Yay! Some down time for mommy and daddy before we had to hit the sack.
Up until now baby has been sleeping in our bed. Feeding at night is a breeze doing this because all I have to do is turn over and give baby the boob. Also because he is so close I wake up when he wiggles and then he does not have to cry to tell me that he is hungry. Better sleep for daddy.
After last night with 2 blissful hours of baby sleep when daddy and I came to bed we woke up baby, from the bed moving I think. Tonight I am going to move the crib into our room then baby can sleep there, very close but not desturable by bed moving. We shall see if it works, because its me that has to be weaned off of baby in bed, not baby. Poor mommy!

Monday, April 14

0.5 Birhtday!

Yesterday we celebrated baby's 0.5 birthday. We went swimming in banff, this was the third time for baby. Granny, Daddy, Mommy, and 2 Aunties came! It was great. We were going to go back to Granny's house for a barbeque but there was no propane so we went out to Boston Pizza instead. I was starving and so was Daddy because of all the swimming. Baby was asleep at this time.

The Flames won the hockey game comming back after 3 goals against them in the first few minutes! It was nuts! I believe that baby's birthday (he is a huge flames fan) had alot to do with this.

After dinner I gave out mini cupcakes with 0.5 on the icing, so cute. My sister said that it was silly to give baby a 0.5 birthday, but I do not care. It was fun, and celebrating a milestone however small is very important to Baby. There is no reason why not. We will see if she still feels that it is as silly when her baby reaches 6 months. She is currently 2 months.

I have some great pictures and film from swimming but they are on Granny's camera so I will have to post them tomorrow. Look out for them, they are adorable.

Also two days ago a great milestone was reached for baby. Only for granny the first time. Baby finally rolls from his back to his stomache! It has been a long time comming. Now he rolls all the time. I must baby proof the house!

Thursday, April 10

10 Great of Thursday

1. Play group
Went to playgroup today. 4 babies! Sister came and brought her babe C, so cute.

2. Icecream
Craved icecream tonight so went to Dairy Queen. I did not eat the whole thing because I did not feel like I needed it.

3. Sisters
My sister came out today to spend time with me. She came grocery shopping (I hate it), and we hung out and talk about babies and our lives, was really nice.

4. Working out
Started a new program on Sunday, really good so far. Last night was the first time my back did not hurt since my babe was born 6 months ago!

5. Taco
Ate taco for dinner, my husband makes the best taco meat, so tasty, no matter how I try I cannot make it as good

6. Baby giggles
Husband was playing with the baby in the car when we were driving, lots of baby giggles, so good! Sweet and adorable.

7. Mommy
My mommy came out yesterday and helped me to clean up and organize the house, I have no idea how I would do it without her help. My mother is so helpful, makes everything easier with her knowledge and help. I love her!

8. Baby clothes
We found a baby Calgary Flames outfit at Value Village, he looks like a little coach, just in time for playoffs!

9. Babywearing
I made a new carrier yesterday, similar to Mai Tai, so much more comfortable with the baby growing at the rate that he is 20lbs already!

10. Mommy friends
I am starting to make some good mommy friends, very good since none of my friends have babies, and we have similar likes and activities.

Monday, April 7


Yesterday Baby got his first taste of real solid food. And I say solid but I really mean is yams pureed so miniscule that he may as well be drinking milk. But that is the point. He loved his yams, a whole tsp full! Nothing is as fun as feeding baby his first food and seeing how he likes it!

He took all his time picking the biggest junk food fan's and eaters and all he got were these stinking yams! He He!

Lately husband and I have been cleaning up our eating habits. For example yesterday instead of buying a coffee and a treat of some sort on the way to the pool I cut up 2 peppers and we munched on these, and bananas.

Plus we have been more active consistantly too! We swam yesterday and last sunday with the baby, well swam is a stretch of the truth, splased is more like it. Baby loves the big pool better then the kiddie pool. I hold him under his arms and glide along with baby on his belly, he laughs! Happy week to all!

Saturday, April 5

Love Value Village

Today Daddy, Baby and I went bargain hunting, and what bargains we found! Baby now has a new Calgary Flames outfit! Pants and a jacket made by Nike, he looks like a little hockey coach! So cute. I will post pictures of baby in his new outfit tomorrow.
Also tonight I steamed 1/2 a yam to feed to baby for the FIRST time but he fell asleep so we are going to wait until tomorrow! I am so excited about giving him food even though I see myself breast feeding him for at least a year, maby more.
Daddy says that he can sleep in our bed until he is 16! Yeah right! Then he has to find his own bed. And breastfeed until he is 16, then he has to find his own boob! Ha ha. So funny my husband is, makes me laugh all the time. I love him!
We are going swimming again tomorrow, I need to buy a 1 piece bathing suit before we go for the first time in years. Only until I feel better about my belly. Not long I am sure!
Have a great weekend everyone!