Saturday, April 5

Love Value Village

Today Daddy, Baby and I went bargain hunting, and what bargains we found! Baby now has a new Calgary Flames outfit! Pants and a jacket made by Nike, he looks like a little hockey coach! So cute. I will post pictures of baby in his new outfit tomorrow.
Also tonight I steamed 1/2 a yam to feed to baby for the FIRST time but he fell asleep so we are going to wait until tomorrow! I am so excited about giving him food even though I see myself breast feeding him for at least a year, maby more.
Daddy says that he can sleep in our bed until he is 16! Yeah right! Then he has to find his own bed. And breastfeed until he is 16, then he has to find his own boob! Ha ha. So funny my husband is, makes me laugh all the time. I love him!
We are going swimming again tomorrow, I need to buy a 1 piece bathing suit before we go for the first time in years. Only until I feel better about my belly. Not long I am sure!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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