Tuesday, April 15

New Schedule

The last few days and by that I mean yesterday and today I have been trying out a new schedule for baby. Well I say new one but I really mean a schedule at all. Before that I had no idea when baby would nap and I would pray that he would sleep at night before 11pm. Too many nights of baby still awake at 11:30 and ready to play when all I want to do is sleep led me towards a schedule.
Nothing too restrictive, wake, play, walk , nap, go out, play, nap, dinner, play, bath @9pm, then feed and bed. Well the first day in it worked really well, bath at 9:15 some food and baby was asleep by 10pm! Yay! Some down time for mommy and daddy before we had to hit the sack.
Up until now baby has been sleeping in our bed. Feeding at night is a breeze doing this because all I have to do is turn over and give baby the boob. Also because he is so close I wake up when he wiggles and then he does not have to cry to tell me that he is hungry. Better sleep for daddy.
After last night with 2 blissful hours of baby sleep when daddy and I came to bed we woke up baby, from the bed moving I think. Tonight I am going to move the crib into our room then baby can sleep there, very close but not desturable by bed moving. We shall see if it works, because its me that has to be weaned off of baby in bed, not baby. Poor mommy!

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