Wednesday, April 16

10 Greats

1. Feet
Hubby and I called his parents and left a cute message on their machine. I nibbled on baby's feet and he laughed! He has the most ticklish feet ever!
2. Harvest
In our town there is a cafe called Harvest. They have the best food, I had tomato soup that made me close my eyes in bliss!
3. Cheap Movies
We scoured the racks in the used movie/music store and found an old Jackie Chan movie for husband and a romance for me!
4. Walking
Baby and I finally were able to get together with Bailey and her mom for a walk, the baby's are never on the same schedule. We walked for 2 hours and stopped and played at the park too!
5. Husband
Yesterday husband bought me tomato, sunflower, and yellow bean seeds! I planted the tomato ones today inside. I hope they grow, he is so thoughtful. Also we went for a walk after dinner, I really enjoy our quality family time.
6. Gardening
Planted tomato seeds inside, can't wait until it get warmer so I can play more in the garden getting it ready.
7. Clean House
The last few days I have been keeping on top of neatening up the house, so much more comfortable!
8. Shower
Husband hung up the shower curtain, down since November, I am really looking foreward to a shower tomorrow morning.
9. Pampering
I had my hair cut today at the place of my last job, hair washing rules, so relaxing, no more pony tales.
10. Strength
I did my trouble spots workout tonight, I am feeling stronger 9 days in.

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