Monday, April 14

0.5 Birhtday!

Yesterday we celebrated baby's 0.5 birthday. We went swimming in banff, this was the third time for baby. Granny, Daddy, Mommy, and 2 Aunties came! It was great. We were going to go back to Granny's house for a barbeque but there was no propane so we went out to Boston Pizza instead. I was starving and so was Daddy because of all the swimming. Baby was asleep at this time.

The Flames won the hockey game comming back after 3 goals against them in the first few minutes! It was nuts! I believe that baby's birthday (he is a huge flames fan) had alot to do with this.

After dinner I gave out mini cupcakes with 0.5 on the icing, so cute. My sister said that it was silly to give baby a 0.5 birthday, but I do not care. It was fun, and celebrating a milestone however small is very important to Baby. There is no reason why not. We will see if she still feels that it is as silly when her baby reaches 6 months. She is currently 2 months.

I have some great pictures and film from swimming but they are on Granny's camera so I will have to post them tomorrow. Look out for them, they are adorable.

Also two days ago a great milestone was reached for baby. Only for granny the first time. Baby finally rolls from his back to his stomache! It has been a long time comming. Now he rolls all the time. I must baby proof the house!

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Cassie's Place said...

I am sorry I said .5 birthdays are silly. They are just not the real thing and he was too little for cake - you know my rules about cake!! A must have on birthdays.

More importantly he is almost 1 year old - Mr. baby is getting big and amazing every time I see him.

Could not believe the height of the Jolly Jumper - What legs that kid has..

Luv you