Friday, April 18

Silence April 18th 2008

Silence is golden. This has never been more true when you become a mother. Before I used to always have music on, or a movie playing on the t.v in the background. Now I sit here in the big comfy chair and look out the window at the falling snow enjoying the silence. Baby is sleeping, and has been asleep since 9:30am when we went for a walk. I think he is teething his two front teeth because he is extra chewy, grumpy, drooly and has the telltale red spots on his cheeks.

After such a loud and busy day yesterday, I welcome the snow that makes me stay at home (the roads are awful). It also gives me an excuse to stay home and hibernate. Even though I never usually want to hibernate when it snows in April, usually I am frustrated at the drawn out winter. Not today....Silence is golden.

Baby seems to feel the same way, asleep and quiet. My tiny one.

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